2151 Royal Ave, Monona
(608) 222-4882

Recent Reviews

Jeffrey Moldenhauer

Very inconvenient. I will never go there. Parking?

Stacey Bredow

I ordered a sweet onion chicken teriyaki and a Baja steak sandwich... the steak sandwich was tossed in a brown paper bag, cold as heck and just discusting to look at. I never got the sweet onion but instead I got a vegetable hot sauce sandwich. Worst place to order from.

Mercedes Bloodsaw

If I could rate one star I would. They close at 10 and they locked the doors at 9:30. I am appalled.

Miss Adams

I was disappointed to find out they don't have roast beef anymore ?

Jim Sanders

I like the food ? and the service people were polite and friendly and you can't ask for more than that . I only gave them four stars because the one guy didn't have his shirt tucked in.

Jared Pearson

Good food slow service

Josh Binstock

If you have a tone of free time and patience for little to no customer service you’ve found your spot!

Todd k. Heitkemper

Very awesome very kind very safe and very good food I recommend a highly very highly visit!

Eldon Weinda

My lunchtime go-to

T Loc

Great service but they are very skimpy on the proteins.

AFGM Studios

Great service! Fresh food. Employees were kind and prompt!

Daniiiel GroovenMusic Thompson

Loved it

Catrina Daniel

The person was ready for her break n the manager haven't came back yet! She made my food and while I'm waiting to get my food she started making someone else food! I ask for my food & she said she'll be right with me, while I'm waiting two nets then flow on my food n set there!!!! Like really? I tell her it nets on my food & she said with attitude and Roll her eyes ? ?️Do you want me to make it over? I'm like naw it your now you eat it .... ✌️


Great service but they are very skimpy on the proteins.

Sarah F.

This is the Subway location inside the Walmart off Monona and I visited today (as I do about one per month!) Subway isn't a fancy spot, but I like this location and the employees always make things perfectly. I've eaten during mask mandates and it felt safe and well-distanced. Shout out to the mango guava drink on tap and that herb and cheese bread -- never gets old!

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