6000 Monona Dr, Monona
(608) 467-6100

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Jerry Murphy

Always use coupons at SW. We got 2 footloose ( 4 meals) for a little over $10 plus tip. Staff tells me they will not be issuing coupons after end of February. Staff was very helpful.Food: 5/5

Cindy Altenberger

Subway has a great variety of sandwiches and topppingsto choose from. I also enjoy the protein bowl. A great layers of lettuce, spinach, veggies with warm meat, bacon and melted cheese with sauce. Yum ?

Matthew N. Fuller

We used the mobile app and this store got the order correct. It's located in a strip mall, best part they have a drive thru. Handicap accessible. Few Handicap parking spots. Custom service was great. Store customer area was clean.

Jason Boynton

Daughter enjoyed the quality of the food and the speed of the service.

She Tells

Would love to know what happened to the middle of my sub and why the employee thought it was ok to give this broken apart bread roll to a customer. I proceeded to open it and found one single slice of turkey meat. Id go to Jimmy John's or Milios down the street if I were you.


Nice experience. First time to visit this location. Went at night and had trouble finding the place initially because the signage light was not on and I'm blind anyway. GPS helped me zero in location. Will shop here again.

Mason Maeder

I usually have a very good experience here. Employees are efficient and food is always fresh. Last time I was here the employee making our sandwiches did not do a very good job and did not seem engaged at all with what he was doing. Another employee eventually came along and finished checking us out.

Devin McGrane

Nothing like enjoying a big bird Italian BMT on a beautiful day such as this 1. Thank you for the 30& years of service! God bless Love you. You're welcome.


This is the only Subway I have been to with giardiniera. What a treat! Staff at this location super fast and friendly. I have been to this location meant times, never disappointed.

Alan Wrasse

Best subway experience I have ever had. It was all because of the staff tonight. The food was great. The subs were loaded up with veggies and was packed very well so when I opened it up at home, they still looked perfect. The woman helping me this evening also took the time to write a note on the sub to distinguish then from each other. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Erica Mueller

Extremely clean and great service. Nicest subway I’ve been to.

Carrie Mead

Even though they were very busy they were awesome!

Mike P.

So I guess Subway now has thinly sliced turkey. That sure made the job harder because i got a foot long turkey, and 2 inches on both ends didn't even include turkey. When i spaced it out it was basically a bread sandwich. I asked specifically about the turkey amount, and the lady said, "what? You want double turkey?" I just want a normal sandwich thank you, how is that hard? Absolutely ridiculous that a Subway employee fought me over the turkey amount when she didn't even fill the sandwich properly end to end.

Nick Hying

very clean and prompt, friendly service

Mallory Kruse

I don't know that I have ever used a drive thru at subway, honestly I didn't even know it is a thing, but what a wonderful option on a rainy day! The staff member that helped us at the window was friendly and helpful! This was a very pleasant experience after getting rained out of the zoo.

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