Oblio's Lounge

434 N Main St, Oshkosh
(920) 426-1063

Recent Reviews

Bobby Fischer

Not many hazy IPAs to choose from but a nice patio they need to replace their condenser fan motor at minimum but would recommend 2 2.5 to units installed in series

Audrey McNeely

Nice,friendly local neighborhood bar

Jed Petrie

Always a great beer selection and a very cool old school vibe. Architecture is fun and you'll never run out of things to do around the bar either. Patio is just okay.

Ben Maye

Wonderful atmosphere and good beer selection. If you are there when one of the long time owners are tending bar some great stories. Thank to the regulars for making us feel welcomed.

R M.

Place is a joke now. How the mighty have fallen. Surly bartenders and don't even think about playing a game of pool since they let their friends just keep the table without letting anyone take on winners, which is not how it's done in every decent bar around. Used to come here a lot and recommend it to everyone. No more. See ya, Ob's.


Stopped here while traveling. Great atmosphere if you love quiet bars.

Devin Matznick

Comfortable couch, beautiful fire, fantastic staff, and a good selection on tap. One of my favorite places to visit in Oshkosh.

Matt Richie

Great local bar

Heath Mynsberge

Great bar

Charlie Christenson

One of the best bars in Oshkosh. Great Import and microbrew selection. Mark and Todd are personable bartenders and owners

Bradyn Hertel

The best old fashioneds Oshkosh has to offer Mark, Todd, and Ben are all phenomenal also fantastic tap beer selection

Randi Turner

Love good orange juice with my drink! And our wedding song playing when we walked in totally made it the place to have some drinks with friends. Great anniversary!

Heather Daniel

Cute cozy and always filled with lots of smiles! Great experience everytime I've been there!

Jake Martin

Oshkosh is the #1 Covid city per capita since March. Partly because of this place and it's drunks.

P J Elmer

William Waters building, nuff said! Partake in free popcorn while making up your mind on which tap beer you are going to enjoy it with! Or have an original or orange bitters, sweet, or press, Old Fashioned, a real Wisconsin treat! A phenomenal historic Oshkosh institution to visit with family and friends for sure! You have no friends? No worries, you'll make plenty of new ones ;)

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