Lee's Deli

2615 Washington Ave, Racine
(262) 634-2373

Recent Reviews

Doug Allen

Excellent food. Highly recommended.

Carrie Melnik

I've been going here since I was a kid, need I really say more?Always great sandwiches, hot or cold with a pickle and chips, grab a drink and a dessert and you're on your way. What more could you ask for? Well that's what I always do. They do have more but off the top of my head I can't remember.It is also a convient store and a friendly, busy place. During the busy hours, such as lunch and dinner I recommend placing your order ahead to save time and plan for weather, during this covid they only allow a few people in at a time so the outside line can get long.Enjoy!


Food good but customer service is not expect for the guy at register. He's the best one they have

Brandy OH

Absolutely Delicious!Friendly employees and the sub was great.Had the Clucker and the diced onions are an Absolute Plus.If your looking for an old school gem in the rough Delicious sub. Then this is the place !

Punky Kitty

For as amazing as their sandwiches are, they also do a lot of other food. Try the salad and some of the fried appetizers!

chris Kidz

Food and value are great. I wish someone else was running it though.. Unprofessional managers that like to waste people's time just make me not enjoy the food.

Alex P.

They just don't answer phones and take the phone off the hook when they don't want orders. What a great way to run a business won't be going there any time again

Bishop Prentise Vann

Very nice and professional....talked and made me feel like I was family.... food was good and priced well....I will visit again when I'm in Racine

stephanie woodington

I barely go here because we can never get through to place an order.. I called 98 times and my daughter called 58 times! That is ridiculous!I have no problem with sticking with Sausage kitchen! They always answer the phone an great service!

Christine Booker

Food ALWAYS DELICIOUS!!!!! Barely seen any tomatoes on my sub! Might have mistaken the carrots in the Gardiner for the missing tomatoes!

freedomof speech2019

Always get the #1. No other places can compare ?

Felix Santiago

Yesterday had a ham sandwich for lunch. Bread was good and fresh but was thin. Onions were chopped, should be sliced and would be even better if it was red onion. Overall a good sandwich.

Tammy Stardy

It was years that I had their subs. I would have their subs at least once or twice a month. I may live out of town now and when I try to come to town for a visit, I try to take a sub home with me.

Tyler Sanders

Seriously don't even bother trying to call in. It's always faster just placing an order when you get there.


When there is a line of locals going around the corner that should tell you something. We share one 9 inch roast beef and cheese sandwich which was perfect for us. The variety of sauces and spreads was good but the main distinction for this sandwich was the French roll. Definitely would return to a sandwich with that roll.

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