Casa Mexicana Rice Lake

421 S Main St, Rice Lake
(715) 736-1184

Recent Reviews

Ben Larson

I got the Burrito Marijos and it was absolutely delicious. Ordered online and I was in and out of the restaurant in less than a minute. Great food and great service, I will definitely be back.

Cas M

Always good food every time we go. Staff I'd friendly and helpful. Place is usually packed whenever we go. The Carne asada tacos are my favorite. My kids love to eat here. And the pricing doesn't seem to terrible! Definately an enjoyable experience every time we come!Vegetarian options: You could just focus on veggies rice and beans and it will still be deliciousKid-friendliness: Very kid friendlyParking: Parking is kind of weird behind the building

Judy Fortuna

This is one of our all time favorite places to eat. We live 60 miles away, yet visit frequently. The service is amazing and the food is even better! We spend 3 months a year near our Mexican border and cannot find a restaurant this good. Consistent quality! Keep up the great work!

David Deal

Always the BEST service. The food was amazing, authentic, and not smothered in sauce. Staff are all very attentive to every guest, keeping an eye on every table as they walk past. We were never low on beverages or wanting for anything despite it being a busy time.Food: 5/5

Sloppy Casters

Carlos Jr.Was a awesome Host & had a well Constructed Menu.Delightfully Decorated.Great Staff...10 out of 10.....Salsa Taste like they made it just special for You...#sloppy#sloppycasters

Lisa Wenzel

If you love authentic Mexican cuisine YOU must stop in. The food is fresh and delicious! The staff is super friendly and we're always making sure we had what we needed. Sorry about my picture it was good I had it finished before I realized I didn't get my pictures!?Food: 5/5

Dan Evitch

A lot of people say Casa Mexicana "waters down" their flavor to appeal to the locals. Not true. The food is great and the atmosphere is very uplifting. Great service too.

Stacey Zimmerman

The blandest "mexican" food you have ever had in your life. Ordered food for our Christmas party the Day before, yeah, yeah, no problem they said. I show up on time the next day expecting everything to be ready to go for me, NOPE they didn't even start it yet. All we ordered was a pan of hamburger meat, Cheese, tortillas, chips & salsa & lettuce. However they forgot to give me the cheese. Ended up waiting for 15-20 minutes while that put it all together. Very frustrating! And the excuse I got was they had to many DoorDash orders that day. I will never go back, not worth my time!

Nathaniel King

Food was bland, even the chips were not great, mostly broken peices. We ordered fajitas and one of the "house specialty" steak dishes. Steak and fajitas were overcooked and had no flavor. Staff was unresponsive and inattentive. Took an hour to get food after we finally were able to order. Bathrooms were not even clean. Overall, not a place to go. Really sad I wasted a night out with my wife going here.

zach s

Food was mediocre at best, should have walked out in the second we got our food and never paid. waiter was useless and messed order up and after he fixed it came back 5 minutes later and grabbed a plate of rice we had already eaten off of and said we didn't order to walk a few tables down and gave it to themFood: 2/5

Deanna Selode

The staff is always amazing! They work together to make sure everyone is well taken care of! Food is always excellent! Definately our favorite place for Mexican food in any of the surrounding areas!Food: 5/5

Alexis Czekalski

One of my favorite restaurants. My go to and my favorite place to return to after a trip. The staff is always friendly and working as hard as they can to make sure everyone is being taken care of. Best food and drinks around!

Liz Wronski

Loved the service and the food. Staff worked hard and worked together well. Was 7:00 on a Friday so service was slow. A bit confusing on entering from street. We weren't told we should be waiting on parking lot side even as several staff acknowledged us. Not a big deal but something to be aware of

Hilary Walker

Amazing as always! I Came in later on a Friday night and the place was packed. That didn't slow things down one bit. Staff was great and food arrived very quickly. Best Mexican meal I've had prob since my last visit here. The shrimp chimichanga was packed full of shrimp and very flavorful. Keep it up!


Watch your card statement, or better yet pay in cash!I've been enjoying the food here for years and have never had any problems until my last visit.We came in on August 28 around 6 pm. The restaurant wasn't very busy but our service was a little slow. No big deal since we weren't in a rush.We had 2 entrees, 2 margaritas and a soda. When a different server brought our food, my food was luke warm. Our waiter never came to check on us and a different server brought us our bill (again, no big deal)Our bill came to $56.52. We left a cash tip and paid with a card, aware of the service charge for doing so.Imagine my surprise when the card statement came and the card was charged $72.52! Where did the extra $16 charge come from?!It's really disappointing for me because I do enjoy their food but after this I won't be returning.I can't and won't support a business that unashamedly takes advantage of customers that come to support their business.

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