Bismarck's Main Street Bar

103 - 105 E Main St, Watertown
(920) 261-9391

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Talbot

Great food, excellent service and very relaxing atmosphere.Food: 5/5

Bruce Wilk

Stopped in for a sandwich and beer after disc golfing the Rock River course. Downtown location. Had the reuben. Corned beef is made in house. Fantastic. Also had the hamburger patty melt which was very good. Service excellent. Ate at the bar. There are old style wooden booths. Just a great find on a weekday afternoon.Food: 5/5

Deborah and David Moser

Great food, great and friendly staff. Definitely would go backFood: 5/5

Sarah K.

We ended up having a family gathering here post funeral and we're grateful for the space. They reserved tables at the back bar for us, and we had plenty of space to mingle and talk. The music was quiet enough we could talk and catch up which was appreciated especially with an older crowd who can't always hear well. The cheese nuggets were great, but I'd have like the bread on my turkey club toasted. Overall the food and drinks were good and it worked for our needs.

John Thompson

Overall the lunch food was very good and actually a fair price. The wait staff did a good job with service but when asked about the tap beers said he didn't know anything about it and said to ask at the bar?Lunch is pretty quiet so we could talk and be heard. I am in a weekly Wednesday lunch group so there are over 8 people each week to go out. Overall good food.Parking: Street parking

Simply Darts

Went in for lunch, got denied a table and food because our 19 year old son was not 21. We weren't even going to drink. This place has a full food menu and claims to be a grill, hardly any customers in there at 1230 on a Thursday. still refused to serve us.they've now lost us as customers completely.

Stephen Balza

Meh. Tried Bismarck’s for dinner on a Wed night. It was extremely loud (difficult if you are hoping to have a conversation while you dine). Ordered a couple of burgers and thought they were OK…nothing special. They were understaffed and we waited over a half hour to get our bill. Better options in town.

Hulk Young

Fun bar. Has pool, shuffle board, darts, hoops. Be warned the prime rib sandwich is just a large hunk of meat with a bun.

Sean Lanigan

For a bar and grill, really excellent sandwiches, homemade chips and their coleslaw has bacon bits in it, which was fantastic!!

Anthony Filter

I was in town for work and stopped in for a Chipotle burger. It was fantastic. Cooked to perfection and the chips that came with it were awesome as well! 10/10!

Jakub Fadrowski

Great food and drink selections and great vibes all over.


We have been here three times. Great Friday fish fry. We had great service and the food is excellent. A wonderful place to go.

Christi Coughlin

Had a brand new bartender who needs to learn the ropes but she was nice & friendly about it.One star down because "extremely well done" doesn't mean red inside.That's on the cook.

Katie Budzinski (Kate)

I have only stopped in for a few drinks here and there but always heard good things about the food. I have tried to order food 3 times now and was turned down everytime. The first no one answered until it was too late and was told the kitchen just closed. So going off of what their website says- called at 8:45 and was turned down but the last time I called at 8:18 and was told I couldn't order because the kitchen had closed at 8:30??? Then CHANGE your website which says Kitchen open till 9:00pm for 1. And for 2 maybe teach your staff to tell time. I won't be back for drinks either after the attitude I got on top of the disappointment of yet again told kitchen closed.

Bryan Vlogs

All we wanted was Fish Fry. They rejected our service because we weren’t over 21+. We Never ordered Alcohol. We just wanted Fish Fry. So we walked our sorry ass’s out of the restaurant drove 2 blocks and PAID for food at Taqueria Maritas which also had a full bar. Did I mention Bismarck’s was Empty and Maritas was FULL one to two tables open. Seems sus if u ask me.

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