108 E Union St, Waupaca
(715) 258-5900

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Chris Johansson

Great quick service. Excellent food. Really reasonable prices

Pam Varner

Wait staff was attentive when we walked in and our party ordered water to begin with. She gave us our menus, brought water and disappeared, never to be seen again. No one else appeared to even notice us sitting there. The one waitress that was in area did great job of keeping her back to us and avoiding any eye contact or our gesture of asking for her attention. I would not recommend this place if you were hungry or thirsty because you'll go hungry. I will say they were helpful in helping us find a place called The Squares Restaurant as when we left there we ran across this place. Food was great and waitstaff was attentive and personable and owner cane around to make sure ask was good. Big difference.

Melissa baranek

And hour and a half later these are the "potato skins" while that is technically true, not what i wanted or expected for 10 dollars. Everything is barely warm. If your from out of town i would just call pizza hut

Tammy Crancich

Order delivery it did not show up until 28 minutes past the time they gave me guy called me once couldn't find my address so by the time I got my food the fish was cold and so wasn't the Pizza very disappointed I see their car out here from time to time in my neighborhood figured I'd give them a try just to pay for cold food that I had to heat up in a microwave and it didn't taste very good, very disappointing I've seen them in my neighborhood before so they should have known where I was I even tried to give them directions twice once when I ordered and once when the gentleman called and said he couldn't find my house

Michael M.

Okay, here's the deal. I don't live in the area any more, but I come back two or.more times a year. The ONLY good pizza in the Waupaca/Chain O'Lakes area is either Weasels or (sorry Weasels) Wheelhouse. Just remember, Waupaca starts with "W" and the only places to get pizza there also start with "W." But, here is the insider tip as to why and when you should go to Weasels: 1) You won't get a seat without a long wait at the Wheelhouse on a busy summer weekend because everyone who was out on "The Chain" is hungry around 6 pm and wants to get pizza and beer. The Wheelhouse is packed and you won't get a seat for up to an hour. On the other hand, you can make the short drive into town get a great pizza at Weasels in short order. The pizza is just as good and--it can be argued--is better at Weasels. 2) If you want more than just pizza, Weasels has many other options. Now mind you, the Weaseloni (basically a calzone) is pretty epic, but is still essentially a folded over pizza. What you may not know is that they raise their own lambs and have great gyros and even lamb chops, lamb kabobs and lamb burgers (hamburgers made of lamb meat). Also, they have a house made Swedish split pea soup that is awesome, chili which is literally "pretty good," and a decent Italian beef sandwich. I always end up going to Weasels whenever I'm in town. Check it out.

Alyssa Clement

Service was great! They were super friendly and helped each other out during a little rush. But... was disappointed in food. I had a lamburger. It was super greasy and didn't taste fresh. As my s/o ordered an Italian sausage sandwich huge disappointment. It was just the sausage in a French bread and called it goodIt was nothing worth the money when we could easily go to grocery store to match the price and get better results.

Jennifer OMalley

We love their pizza!! I had the Weaseloni (it's a calzone) and it was delicious. We'll definitely eat here again.

Levi Ott

Good food at a great price. Will definitely eat here again next year when we come back.

Cari Lindsley

Weasels is so worth the hour drive for one of their lamb burgers or great pizza! The Bloody Mary's are so good too for sitting with friends and getting caught up. There are 5 of us female cousins who meet here a couple times a year as the side dining room is usually empty when they first open and we can chat to our hearts content. Another perk is they have a working PacMan game! They're hard to find so my husband and I take advantage of competing when we're there. There's a pool table too in a side room with a few casino gaming machines. Friendly staff, very good food, decent price, quiet spots for conversation, fun at the bar with friendly locals. It's one of the best.

Nicci Anklam

This place is a little gem! We chose to have our 25+ party eat here for our rehearsal dinner! The minute you walk into the place your greeted by a friendly employee ready to serve you! Throughout our dinner we had wait staff and the bartender ask if we needed anything. We ordered 10 pizzas to feed our party and it didn’t disappoint! This is an amazing place to not only drink at but also eat at!

Kelly Brault

Fantastic food and service in an old school tavern setting. I will be back!

SharonRose LaDue

I called for delivery which I’ve done many times. This evening I called twice as my address is difficult The last time I called the manager told me I was drunk and wouldn’t deliver to me. He said quote,,,youre drunk!!’How dare he. I’m hard of hearing is what it was


We were pleasantly surprised. Food was great and bartender was friendly. We will be back soon.

Zachariah Vaughan

Service sucked, waited 35 minutes for a pizza and was burnt. Just the pizza was $40!!!

Anthony Schnell

The staff was very friendly and the Tuesday night special is a great deal. A picture of top 4 domestic beer plus one topping pizza for $12.99.

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