1241 W Main St, Bridgeport
(304) 842-4917

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Chingo Mandinguez

Seemed understaffed, as there were a few people parked to the side ahead of me in the drive through. I had a large order (8 Dave's doubles & fries) so I expected a wait for my own order. The staff was pleasant & professional, food was on point.Food: 4/5


Typical Wendy's: clean, decent fast food at a good price. Drive thru a bit tight for oversized vehicles.Food: 4/5

Trent Edwards

After employee messes up an order and is confronted with the problem nicely the only response they have is " sorry I don't want to fix it" after a few minutes of awkward stares she gets the even more annoyed manager to finally fix the issue with her wonderful attitude.Food: 2/5

Boog Ketelsen

This Wendy's is the cleanest friendliest Wendy's I've ever been to! I stopped for breakfast on my way out of town while dining in I had a pleasant conversation the GM Chastity. Thank you chastity for the great visit this morning. Perfect way to start my day. I highly recommend this Wendy's ?Food: 5/5

Amy Marks

When I had to check my self out the service was good I should get a Discount do u think? For doing your job thinks about itService: 5/5

Tabitha Snyder

We ordered the pretzel cheese burger, chicken sandwich and chicken caesar salad...the sandwiches and fries were great, but the salad was not so good. The lettuce was old wilted and had turned black and slimy....just saying that a salad that cost 7dollars should be fresh!Food: 3/5


Went through the drive-through. Got everything that I ordered, the service was prompt and the server was pleasant... thats about it.??Food: 3/5

Bill Wheeler

I gave it one star because it was food that's about all I can say for worst Wendy's I've been doing a long time

Tricia Hill

I came through for fries. They made fresh hot one s for me. Thank you

Stephanie Thomas

This place has went down hill. Idk if it's due to shortage in staff or what but the last few times I have been there they always made me pull up and wait for my food. The last visit I also didn't get the burger I asked for.

JR Poling

? was cold and rubbery triple cheese was burnt and hard could not eat it at all and we spent 50 $ and could not eat none of it


We were greeted friendly and quickly. Our order was correct and came out quickly. The restaurant was clean as well.

Eric Cawthon

I asked for a double plain it came out with cheese tried to give me same burger after he picked cheese off then I said I want a new one he grabs the patty with his dirty gloves he has been touching everything with needless to say I got a refund

John Runyon

Always a wait in the mornings after ordering food. The cashier also didn't hand back the correct amount of change. If you have a small window of time and need to grab a quick meal I would not recommend.


My husband ordered 2 baconator and they gave him one. But was charged for 2. Those employees need to pay attention to their clients and not other co workers talking about B.S

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