The Dragon Grill

9 Main St, Cameron
(304) 686-2007

Recent Reviews

David Hill

Great pepperoni rolls excellent service

Toby Heston

I wish that I could share the photos I had with everyone so they won't ever eat there again! Rowdys diner serves moldy food (bread, vegetables, etc) this place is disgusting and the owner is a sexual pervert that likes to hire girls in high school just to try and flirt with them because his wife left him and he thinks that women should bow down to him! He writes personal checks to his employees and takes his own taxes out which is 100% illegal! And then come time for you to do your taxes and get screwed over because you can't claim the time worked because he already screwed you over!!!! Do not eat here unless you like to eat rotten food from a shovanistic pig! 🐖

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