Jersey Mike's Subs

270 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 566-7532

Recent Reviews

Cynthia Rucker

Love it! The Philly Steak Sandwich is Fabulous! ❤️❤️❤️Parking: Plenty of parking!!!

Sarah M.

Incredibly friendly and accommodating staff was able to handle celiacs disease with speed and competency.Dietary restrictions: The accommodated my serve gluten allergy with ease and confidence better than my wildest dreams! They had a entire gluten free area to prepare my food at. I was thrilled!

Jeff W

All subs made fresh ala carte. Reasonably priced. Hugh variety of steak , and chickensubs and sandwiches. Best subs in town!

donnetta blair

Had to ask for my drink and chips. After acting like they didn't know what I was talking about, one of the employees walked up and laid them down by my bag with no explanation or apology. The food was good tho!

Regina Wilson

Had Jersey Mike's for the first time today, had the Philly steak and cheese and it was wonderful. Will be back, soon!

Cari Currey

Ordered #17 Mike's Famous Philly with extra heavy jalapeno. Very tasty sandwich with a perfectly cooked blend of peppers and onions.Grabbed a Ham and Provolone with lettuce and tomato and jalapeno for lunch the next day. Asked for the "juice" on the side and this was also a delicious sandwich.This has become my go to place for sandwiches.

Justice Carlyle

They didn’t even ask me if I wanted dressing in my sub. They where slow at packaging and to be honest I was surprised they where packed with the bad quality of my sandwich and service.

Margy Nelson

The subs we got were goodI got the club with turkey, ham and bacon. It was pretty good. My husband got the steak and cheese with out mayo, now his sub was good but the meat was dry and not enough cheese or pepper and onion.I have had some of there subs at other store in the past and have had really good ones. So I say try it I will try them again at some point.

Kathy Fazzini

I had my first Jersey Mike's Famous Philly sub on 3/30 and it was amazing. My husband had the portobello and swiss he loved it. So, I'm getting lunch at Jersey Mike's today 4/1/22. No April fools here, but best sub's ever.

Keebler Elf

Well I worked here for a little bit until everything was shut down for the pandemic. But the food is really good, but I haven't been there since 2020. I'd say that the food is the same but I'm guessing the service has gotten better since the owners work in the store as well.

Ethan R.

Slow service for one, but what got me was how they forgot the steak to my portobello Philly cheesesteak! How is that even possible!?


Normally I enjoy this place. But today I am writing my review because of the closing shift workers. Closed the store down a hour early.

Charles Jessup

I love jersey mikes and stop every chance I get. Today’s sub was the worst I have ever eaten. The bread was hard, bacon burnt, and the meat was less than normal. I will not stop back at this location.

Wesley Rinehart

Fast and delicious. The subs are quality.

Angel H.

Went in for lunch today, husband ordered Chicken Philly only cheese and Mayo ended up with a cheesesteak with peppers and onions. He went back in and the worker swears he ordered the cheesesteak which isn't the case. Definitely won't be back again.

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