King's New York Restaurant & Pizza

499 Rosebud Ave, Clarksburg
(304) 326-0080

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vicki sipes

Food was horrible. Not very clean. I'm not a fan. Waitress was good.Food: 1/5

Steven Hickman

We had our family Christmas get together with family and friends food was great service was awesome ?Food: 5/5

Michael Roy

The food is some of the best Italian food I've ever had. I can't speak to the authenticity, but it is always delicious and the service is great.Food: 5/5


Easily the most generic pizza place I've ever had the misfortune of eating at. The system for doing takeout was so disorganized, the guy trying to find my order didn't speak decent English so I had to repeat my order 3 times before he could find it.The food was just so plain. Nothing amazing or memorable, just generic pizza you could buy in the freezer section of walmart for half the price. It was cold by the time we made our 5 minute drive home. Portions were ok I guess, but quantity should never come before quality. I couldnt see myself giving this place another try when there's plenty of good pizza options already.

Jamie Burton

We normally order delivery from here. We always like the food. Their pizza is good and their hoagies are really good.

Tara Elder

I order linguine with white clam sauce yesterday for lunch while I was at work and it was THE BEST I've ever eaten in my life!! 5 STAR!!! I will definitely be ordering from them in the future, GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

Kerri B

Really nice waitress, good food. Only complaint is it was so hot in there, it was actually uncomfortable. Was told they got it fixed earlier that morning but it still wouldn't cool it down. I felt bad for the staff cooking and working in that heat.

Tonya Knudsen

I called Kings at 5:45 pm.I was told that my order would be delivered in 20 min. I called at 6:35 pm to ask where my order was. The first thing the manager said was that it was my fault that I hadn't received it yet, because he said that I didn't give the guy who answered my phone # and address. That was the first thing the guy asked for when he answered. They sure took the money out of my account before I got off of the phone. The manager said that he wouldn't make it righ or refund my money. He said that it would be delivered in 5 min. I Received order at 7:10 .

Kimberlea Theberge (Lea)

I worked here 10 years ago. My dad for some reason took us here when I flew in from New Jersey. It's been a decade but the place is still the same. Delicious ?

Susi Swain

So far the food has been great! I love the fact that they sell pizza by the slice, especially at lunch time. It makes my lunch quick and excellent, a lot better than a burger from Burger King, definitely!

Llama D

Lied to me over the phone said my item came with chicken it did not, person on the phone taking the calls sounded dead inside gave no real interesting in the call put me on hold 2 times for 3 minutes. Heard two people confirm over the phone in the background it came with chicken also no plastic silverware or napkins..... Lastly after eat my stomach feels off and they didn't even get the dressing right on the salad not that anyone really cares about a salad but following simple instruction isnt this business's standard but subpar service and food is. Calling this New York like restaurant from someone who is Italian this is a joke. Just from customer service I rate it 1/5 star for scam/fraud like behavior rest is just a bonus they cant reap in rating at this time.

Kim Jessee

After we got the food we ordered (3x of cook time) they do not like add on or changes God help anybody with allergies. The food was O.K. but I don't think worth the hassle ?!!!

Miss “MissTigerlilly” Tigerlilly

They have the best chocolate fudge cheesecake and some times their hoagies are good and some times they aren't good at all ,depends on who is cooking .

Melinda Saia

Worst business ever the owner is so rude and tried to charge me for food that was returned even charged for toppings that were not put on added stuff to my order and charged me for it that I never ordered cussed me out on the phone worst business ever don’t eat from here some how or another the will mess you up also check receipts because they are charging people more than what they ordered it isn’t shown on receipt but it shows on bank account otherwise they are such a scam and also heard after telling someone that it happened I heard they have roaches as well so be careful

Rhonda Beverly

I order a tbone stake it was awful first thing I got my order of stuffed mushrooms awful nothing but spinach then my stake came with onion and mushrooms the menu said nothing about with a sauce I tried it awful taste sent it back got another one without sauce I got it and it looked like it was boiled instead of grilled no taste I loaded with salt and pepper did not help I ate it but did not enjoy it at all my trip to this restaurant was so bad and on mothers day to boot will never darken there door step again. but there Stromboli stake and cheese i order it at times to go is very good

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King's New York Restaurant & Pizza

499 Rosebud Ave, Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 326-0080