Little Caesars Pizza

158 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 622-4444

Recent Reviews

Neisha Bennett

Worst pizza ever. I asked for light sauce and when I opened the box there was a ton of sauce on the pizza so much so that while I was eating it went all over (why there is so much sauce on the box) and the pizza was soggy. This makes 2xs now my pizza has been like this.

john gavalas

Just had their batman calzone and my tastebuds are doing the macarena people who never tried it are missing out and it is massive!

Steven Hickman

Address is not right on Google maps

Kerastyn Acres

Gave me cheese pizzas when I ordered pepperoni n wouldn't fix it

Joanna Stout

Front person was with a drabby personality:((( bad first impression

Beau Murphy

Food was hot and fresh. I recommend ordering before hand as wait time is 8 to 10 minutes.

James Dennison

The obese girl that is working the front counter has the worst customer service ethics I have ever seen. She was down right rude to me to say the least. Then she got attitude with my daughter as she was picking up our pizza.

Ellen Wolfe

I called little caesars at Eastpointe placed an order and because I had a small child in the car I asked "If I park close can you bring it to my car"? The man that took my order asked the manager and she said "If I come inside and pay for it first ",how d*** is that, if I have to come inside I'd be carrying my own pizza to the car.. I thought she was very inconsiderate because all other businesses are delivering or doing curbside service..

Jessica Lantz

Love they deliver! Easy night for Mommy

Tabby Anne

my food is always incorrect. this is the second time in just a few days. so now I'm complaining. I asked for a pizza with no sauce and for it to be well done and guess what I got I got a pizza with sauce and not well done. I asked for extra cheese and didn't get it either. it's hard for me to believe that other people are not having the same problem because just yesterday I spent $30 on Pizza got sausage and pepperoni on 1 of my pizzas that I only asked for bacon and a few other toppings. get it 2gether!

John Daniel

$5 for a large pizza... nuff said. If u could eat here every day I would

Paul Savidge

In out and fresh - best on the go lunch to be had

Andrew Weathersby

Great food but not always

Joseph Husk

The pizza was way to greasy and it was cold. Usually pizza good, but this time. It was a no go. 😞

Joshua Riffle

Not too bad, got there after 8 PM so it took a few minutes

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