Mid-Town Lounge Inc.

159 W Pike St, Clarksburg
(304) 622-8785

Recent Reviews

JaiCie Starks

Not many vehicles in the parking lot so I try to check on the workers to make sure they are okay or maybe need anything from store

Keep Life Simple

Great for a quick drink

desiree carpenter

Bartenders was really nice ...no one was in there i was the only one..nothing like the good old days...

Elmer F. Scott

Have never been, should be Demolished by the City of Clarksburg!!!

Destiny Jones

Good place

Kathie Iquinto

Not friendly to expensive bad customer service by owner NOT HIS EMPLOYEES they do the best they are allowed I only go to play machines at one time many years ago it was a decent establishment could get food play pool machines now its just the regulars in there daily that keeps it going

John Walters

This place is not for everyone. If you like a place that is not so lit up, then this is the place for you. They treat you like family just can't sit around but overall a good place

Eric R. Lane

Small yet nice. Decent prices. Homey atmosphere....

Joann Crayton

The old man who owns the place is very rude. My husband and i went in and played the machines, i finished and my husband was almost done, the man came in yelling at me that i had to go wait by the bar where there were other men drinking. I wasn't allowed to wait there for minute for my husband to finish up! He was extremely rude about it. The staff that he has working there were apologetic and have always seemed very nice. It's a shame that he is so ignorant.

Joseph Burge

the owner is the biggest douche you will ever meet.

jeremiah Mcintyre

They allways have pretty descent service and cold beer sam the old man who owns it either he likes you or he dont but all in all its a pretty nice place

Andrew J.

Stopped into this place on a Sunday evening while doing a little road trip by myself. The exterior reminded me of one of the better dive-bars in Philly (that's where I'm from)--homey and comfortable. Andy, the bartender and maybe owner, was very relaxed and friendly. If I recall, we even shared the same birthday. Place itself had a cool bunker vibe, very underground. Big brick walls, almost claustrophobic with small little rooms housing pool tables and a beautiful fireplace, which I'm sure would be cozy as f*** throughout some cold winter months. The infrastructure reminded me of an underground club in NY called Basement, which is the basement of an old glass mill. The locals (Patty in particular) were as friendly and amicable as possible. I told them I was from Philly, and we talked a little about politics. I was a bit worried that I'd be seen as an outsider, but those worries subsided after they bought me a drink. Shame I had to hit the road so quickly (six hour drive ahead of me). In the wake of the election and the s*** show that is the U.S. culture-wars, I think we found a moment of kinship in each other's company. I wish more moments in life could be like my experience at Mid-Town Lounge.

Joshua Boram

The owner is a real piece of work he is. Other staff is just great. Machines are as all machines are. Hit or miss.

Tonyalee Mckinney

Have a drink play pool tables gamble on the machines

Bryce S.

First time in the bar, and I'm a young buck lol But love the vibe!! Good people good drinks, decent prices.. only thing is that it's hard to find the entrance at first.. lmao but definitely will be back. Don't let the outside fool you kinda looks sketchy and underground but they make sure your safe and have fun!

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