Panera Bread

103 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 624-0892

Recent Reviews

Rita Napalo

Fast friendly service ………..

Teena Deane

I get the same sandwich every single day and something is always wrong!! Also, bread should not be served if it is too hard to bite!! ? This sandwich was ordered with no lettuce

Larry Stout

I cant say enough, I came in yesterday not feeling well and wanted a particular item and when they were out it wrongfully upset me a bit and shamefully I wasn't the best customer. I settled for something else and moved on. We came back in today and apologized and i got my item. After apologizing and explaining my situitation they were still wonderfully nice. After my lunch they brought me out a free take home of my item wishing me to feel better. I give them 10 stars! I can't thank you enough!

Michael Putnam

This was my very first time visiting ANY Panera Bread. Yes, I've been sheltered, or under a rock, or whatever you want to call it. But it was pretty good. You don't get very much for the price, but they make up for it in exquisite taste.

Steven Eli

I stop here for coffee almost every morning and have no complaints. Took my son in for dinner this evening and the woman working the counter gave us the most friendly experience I’ve had anywhere in a long time. Wish I got her name to shout her out individually.

Shannon wood

Soup & sandwich was tasty and hot. Service was friendly and quick. However, the restroom and rugs needed attention.

Simi Seliana

From my personal experience I can tell you that Mrs Kimberly Louis is one of the best binary options/forex managers I have met in a while.

Smir Lock

Terrible experience visiting and very poor management. What should have been a simple problem to resolve (out of large drink cups) turned into a textbook case of bumbling mismanagement and failed CUSTOMER service.Their end solution was to replace the large drink cup with a regular size drink cup. Half the purchased product and no rebate. Just sorry and shrug shoulders disinterest by employee AND manager.Will be taking my future business to an entirely different chain and I suggest you do too.

carpet fire

A little slow but delicious and fresh

Lisa Garretson

Get soup they say they done have baguettes. So I asked for a slice of bread and she said she can't do that. Said I could have chips. Who eats chips with soup. This would be a great place for a restaurant.

Olivia Weaver

I found a whole bee in my Mediterranean bowl.

Lori Isner Bokey

Order a Fuji apple chicken salad and a baguette. Chicken was salty and processed. Once again out of baguettes which I was not even told when I ordered. They replaced my baguette with a bag of chips. When I ask for another type of bread I was told they did not have any bread to give with salads. My choice was an apple or chips. Things that are not available should be communicated when an order is placed. Rude staff.


I just started coming here based off a promotional email. In the two weeks, I've only gotten hot coffee and a couple bagels and those have all been rapid pick up. The very first time I came in, I was lost and confused because I didnt know the coffee was a serve yourself system with cups and coffee at the entrance (it was early and caffeine leads to lack of attention to details). They kindly informed me and I hadn't had an issue since. This afternoon I was running a bit behind and wanted to drink my hot coffee as soon as I got it but needed ice to cool it down. I didnt see any ice machine close by and so asked the kid behind the counter (after getting rude looks from an employee bundling trash and some guy beside her) for a cup of ice. He seemed slightly taken aback, handed me a cup, and said it was around the corner to a part of the building I had never been to. After getting my ice and going to make the coffee I had ordered, I overheard the children laughing and making fun of me for not knowing where the ice was. It was such a lovely experience and really made me feel like a worthwhile human being to have these teenagers belittle me for not having ever gotten a drink with ice or knowing where it was located. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and a great visit. Will definitely keep coming back.

Grego Shipley

Cinnamon Crunch Bagels are Gods greatest gift to man!!!


Mediocre food. The service wasn't bad, it was nonexistant.The restaurant is organized in such a way that the employees can not do a good job.Pretty much the worst place you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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