122 Whitewater Ave, Fayetteville
(304) 574-2419

Recent Reviews

Charles Combs

Worst experience I've ever had. Girl at the speaker was rude girl at the casher was rude. I ordered 2 2pc chicken dinners get home only had one piece in each box also the chicken was old.

Erin Hayhurst

staff were rude at the drive thru, completely out of beverages, and then tried to still get us to order a combo despite not having the beverages for the combo!!

Angel Lee

Food is delicious. Always hot. No problems out of workers. I did call them to ask if we could buy sides only. Surprise. You can. ? I was totally happy about this. I didn't think you could. When take out. Food is fast. 5 days ago. They did forget utensils. That was okay. We use our own. ?

Lisa Cameron-Plumley

Thank you for a meal that brings back childhood memories. Fried chicken like Grandma used to cook.

Tina Andrade

This is a horrible excuse for a KFC they never answer the phone and when you get your order it's wrong I had to return my 3 times because the person making my order didn't know the difference between a leg and a wing or orginal or extra crispy, they are always outside smoking and takes forever to answer drivethru

Margaret Love

I didn't get what I ordered.. The chicken was old and lots greasy..

D Sub

There was a wait here, but they were sorely understaffed. I expected all dark meat with my order, but found 3 breasts instead of thighs.


Great employees very nice and helpful. Meal was hot and tasty.

Angela Compton

They were out of CHICKEN ?.....twice in a row. Unbelievable!!! KFC out of chicken.

Virginia Lanham

Great service and friendly staff.

Tracy B

Excellent! They are super fast, the food is great, and the people are friendly! The portion for the prices is great too.

terri cantley

Rude cashier at drive thru, never get your order right and then today drive thru was very rude and slammed the window


Waited 15 minutes to order and no one came and took it even after handing the food out to other dine in customers and getting them situated.


They are slacking alot. They had some woman there that was all over the dang place and looked to be under the influence of something. The chicken definitely wasn't just made and it made my kids and I sick for two days. I say go to bojangles because this place is slowly going down now.

Virginia Price

Service was slow and employees not very friendly. Food was passable

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