Burger King

111 Nick Savas Ave, Logan
(304) 831-2015

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Reynolds

Great place to eat. Very friendly staff!!


Came an hour before closing, felt rushed as everyone was impatiently waiting for us to leave. Wasn't enjoyable. Didn't finish our meal

Sandra Lowe

Very courteous employees. Family friendly, and clean...

Kim Luther

Hot food clean atmosphere

Chrissy Chafin

Our food was hot and fresh. I tried the Impossible Whopper and really liked it. It's my new standard order when I go now. ?

Bobby Watts

Love this placs

Albert Gross

Fast and friendly service..


Cashier was a BIG disappointment to human society. Made sandwich wrong twice. Forgot to put in my mozzarella sticks and my fry bro. Slapped 2 peices of bread on a burger and called it a “plain” burger when I asked for cheese and ketchup. BOUTTA BEAT A HOE UP.

Kesha Farley

Last time I’ll ever eat here, the lady behind the counter threw my cup on the counter ,and was being very rude. If I could give no stars I would

Jake Mckinney

My meat was cold my cheese was falling apart I do not recommend this

Kimber Hall

The Impossible Whopper is amazing!! It’s a must try.

dave lowe

Regular ol BK

Ingrid Cisco

Sweet people and cheap food

Ginger Nicole

Took a very long time to get the order for a fast food restaurant


Food could be a lot better

Marica Ellis Booth

Best burgers in town, fast service and friendly people!

Carters Toy channel

never had a problem food is always good

Tyler Clyde

Great food and multiple unique options

Isaac's awesome channel

There burgers are great and there time is pretty quick

Lee Murphy

Typical fast food

Brenda Heck

Always friendly staff.

Jerry M

We went through the drive thru for a late dinner one night while we were in Logan WV. I ordered a double rodeo burger and my wife ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. No complaints food & Service were good.

Linda L

Food is good it's what you expect from a burger place , the staff is not friendly they seem to be rushed no time I to smile or day thank you.

jenna miller

I love burger king no complaints

masked mystery 262

They have great hamburgers 🍔

Cecilia Varney

I went to your logan location today and had a huge order for me and my family and it had to be at least 55• inside and I asked nicely to turn the heat up a little and they rudely refused.. So they lost out on a loyal customer.

B Cord Edleman Jr

Always love a Whopper with cheese.

Connie Jenkins

Best burgers ever

Leslie Gibson

Our food was warm, but tasted stale. Like ot had been sitting under a heat lamp all day. I special ordered my burger and it was still incorrect.

Talan Gibson

Our food was warm, but tasted stale. Like ot had been sitting under a heat lamp all day. I special ordered my burger and it was still incorrect.

Tracy Dotson

Original Chicken Sandwiches are Amazing


I went through the drive thru for a milk shake and I was so good the service was top notch. The lady at the window greeted me with a hello and smile.

Zack Preston

Fast service and delicious food

Polyonymous Musicc

Nothing out of the ordinary. Typical burger let down. You can taste how greasy and sloppy it's going to be before you make it all the way in the door. I really never wanna eat here but it's cheap and easy. Always leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. Still way better than McDonald's though.

Gladys Carpenter

The food is always the same good if you like it.

Heather Blankenship

Food is always good here and it is always clean.

J.T. Bevins

It's burger king.....Good

Harold Dean Blankenship

Super good food super fast service and friendly staff

Samantha Honaker

Love the food... went as they were closing didn't know that at the time. They wasn't rude or anything over it done their job wait on us to leave and was friendly the whole time


Wasn’t great last visit, but gave it another try and it was excellent ! Must have just been having a bad day. Great food, fast, friendly people. Will go back again.