Reno's Roadhouse of Logan

105 Nick Savas Ave, Logan
(304) 752-9336

Recent Reviews

Cynthia Jones

Service was incredibly slow, even though the place wasn't terribly busy. Wings tasted great and potato skins were well done.

Randale Johnson

It's chiefs not renos, but I ordered steak medium n got medium well. Other than that it was great and the bartender is da bomb

Bailey C.

before watching the new addams family movie at fountain place cinemas in logan,wv... me, my dad, and my dad's friend went to Reno's Roadhouse (now called Chief's Roadhouse) and we were amazingly pleased at your food and your waiting service. as well as the mac and cheese... YOU GUYS KEEP IT UP AND MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON LOGAN,WV'S RESTAURANT HIERARCHY ELITE... YEAH! THE ONLY REASON YOU GET 4 STARS INSTEAD OF FIVE IS BECAUSE THE BUTTER WAS UNSALTED, but no biggie... the mingo chicken was cock-a-doodle-badonkadonka-doo crazy and the steak fries were seasoned but as always you need ketchup to enjoy your fries... overall you are one of the best restaurant to ever come to southern west virginia... thank you chief's for the experience... i will be returning. KEEP IT UP

Justin Bradbury

I ordered a take out order,a simple one and it took over an hour. Service is terrible.

Matt Adams

Very unfriendly staff. Food wasn?t great. Would not recommend. Stay away.

James Long

Good food and service

Alexei Bizga

Food ok

John Russwurm

Food was okay. Youngest person in our group was 66. We walked from th holiday inn and the women did not have there purses and any id's so were not allowed an adult beverage. Food was palatable but no one raved about there meal

Jp 1990

This was hands down the worst steak house Iâ??ve ever been to. The most un friendliest waitress Iâ??ve ever had. My steak fries tasted like they came out of the refrigerator. My steak was really really tough/over cooked and not good at all. I would NOT recommend this place!!!

Dylan Connelly

Was terrible fried chicken was so dry my buddie got a steak took it be bite then we paid and left

jason matney

I completely enjoyed my experience at Chiefs. That is the name not Reno's. Food was good, but the highlight of my dinner was the service. Kyra was an excellent waitress. Though she had multiple tables she was there keeping our drinks full, and asking if all was well. She recieved a very good tip, and her response was " Are you sure?" I was tempted to tip even more for that. If I come back to Logan I am definitely eating there again. Thanks Kyra for your pride in your work.

Curtis Paulson

Good food at a good price.


I have had occasion to be here twice this week. The first time, I asked for a medium 8 oz steak. I got beyond well done. It took so long to get our meals that I did not want to ask for a replacement. I had to leave over half of it on the plate. It could not be consumed. I will say that the baked sweet potato was absolutely delicious. When I returned two days later, I mentioned to the waitress about the previous visit. To prevent the same thing, she put the order in as M Rare. It was a bit on the rare side, but was much better. However, my friend ordered cheese fries. These came to the table at the same time as my meal, but it was obvious that her fries had been sitting waiting for the rest of the meal. It took quite some time for the waitress to refill our glasses. I do not do this review lightly. I have eaten ribeyes here, and had medalions, which were not the best. I'm sure I'll eat here again, but will be cautious about what I order.

Katherine Strong

Very good food, reasonably priced and excellent staff

Brittany Church

Hair in my food twice, Very rude owner, WILL NOT EVER Eat here AGAIN. This is just potato skins. Chiefs sucks terrible. Two pics blown up to see better. Sick.

Patty Reisner

Slow service but good food

Regina Baisden

I was given what I DID NOT ORDER as well as my 83 year old mother who gets very little trip out food was cold I ordered the sizzle steak it had no sizzle to it just cold as my salad we ordered baked potato with butter on the side well that didn't work they had so much butter on it I almost choked I wrote my compaint on the receipt my waitress goes and makes a new receipt for me to pay the whole meal was a desaster never again will we be dining at his place again.... disappointed in Logan WV

Mike Keffer

This was OK but not great. Silverware was filthy and the dining area could use a good scrubbing. Server was ok and so was the food which was disappointing. I also found the portions unequal among the four of us as well as the quality - no real consistency which was also disappointing.

Luana Andrews

Fries could of been hot and the mac and cheese needed to be cooked longer and

Jerry M

My wife and I ate lunch here while in Logan. They changed the name to Chiefs Roadhouse and the food has improved with the change also.I ordered meatloaf with broccoli and slaw for the sides. The meatloaf was huge! It was good meatloaf. The broccoli was good slaw was not the best. My wife had 8 oz sirloin and enjoyed it. Service was great! They have greatly improved since it was Renoâ??s

Matt Clark

We were staying at Chief Logan Lodge and this place has 5 times better food than the lodge does!! And they have Beer on Draft!! Highly recommend this place!!

Ellen Henry

Called chiefs now. Meatloaf was burnt aweful soggy.

John Wellons

No longer Reno's, now Chief's Roadhouse. Food was great and our waitress Brianna was fantastic!


We Arrived to a sparsely crowd at 2pm on Thursday. We asked about difference between the hamburger steak and the hamburger. She said they were the same but without bun lettuce and tomato. So we took the hamburger for a dollar less. It was good and I had baked potato. We asked for fried onions as menu said on burger it was 99 cents. When bill came we were charged 1.99 each for onions. We questioned her and were told the Menu is clear it is $1.99 each. So we had her go get and check the Menu. She was shocked that ordering it our way we saved 2 bucks. The bill was changed. Everything was cooked to order, but honestly $20+ is high for this type lunch in Florida or West Virginia. We paid the bill plus tip and highly suggest one of 3 Drive-in restaurants instead where dessert will be included at them prices. Clean and goodvwai staff so previous reviews probably do not apply now.


Ok place for a quick bite to eat. The salad was good! Our table got wings, meatloaf and chicken tender salad. The service couldâ??ve been a little better.

Chris W

When we walked in, we noticed trash ALL in the floor in SEVERAL different areas. Several wet spots in the floor. The wait staff is poorly trained, not very good service at all. The food is sub standard, cold, dry and greasy. The rest rooms were sickening.Our â??side saladsâ? came out before our appetizer. They werenâ??t busy at all today, so they shouldâ??ve had plenty of time to clean.Every time a waitress would come out of the kitchen, we would look in and we saw how crowded and dirty the kitchen was.I seriously do not recommend this place. Nothing has changed, other than the name.... very, very disappointed in this place. WILL NOT BE BACK


After a day of riding on Hatfield McCoy trails we were looking forward to a nice steak dinner! When it was Renoâ??s we said we would never come back, but it has now changed names or management, not sure which or both. Nothing has changed. The Hostess was not friendly, the floor was covered in food that needed swept up literally every table had lots of food under and around it. The waitress finally did sweep when we were waiting for our food. The tables are sticky. Our friend got chicken and waffles and said it was great! I got steak medallions rare and they were burnt and looked like chewed up pieces of meat spit back on the plate, the fries were cold , baked potato was good. My husband got a steak, he said it was really chewy. His baked beans and onion rings were good. I guess the moral of the story is Donâ??t order steak at the steakhouse and youâ??ll be ok.

Chrissy Chafin

Good food and friendly staff. Loved it!

Dan McCormick

Had the crisp chicken tender salad for lunch. They changed the name to Chiefs roadhouse. The bar has been removed but other than a huge void when you walk in, where the bar was; it looked just like Renos. I used to like the atomosphere there but the service was terrible. This trip the atmosphere was lacking but the service was spot on never had an empty glass. The food was not bad either the staff was about business no goofing off or hanging out. I have moved away from the area and was there on a visit. I hope that they continue to update the decor and dining area. The people/person that owns it now seem to have it headed in a better direction and I would eat there again if in the area.

Jackie S

The food was very good once we got seated. Came thisclose to leaving. We had a wait period, but was told it went by 'sections'. We could see empty and clean tables in each section. There was three of us. Party of two was seated before us that came in after us. The 'hostess' was clearly not organized and did not have the personality to be a hostess. That said, when a server saw us, she hurriedly cleaned a table and we were seated with only 2 menus and 2 sets of silver ware. Then we had to wait for the seats to dry before sitting down. Things were better after that, even though getting drinks were slow coming. Our meals were good with appropriate temperatures. Good atmosphere. Did not notice a manager present. Will likely not be returning though.

Neil R.

Now CHIEF's Roadhouse. In town overnight and thought I'd give a try. I thought the food (sirloin) was great!. Rolls were fresh, hot, and homemade. Very good steakhouse. Not too busy on a Sunday evening.

Mr. Anderson

First thing I noticed was how filthy the floor was. Be very careful you can easily slip and fall. Hostess was great and seated me promptly. My server was quick and friendly. The iced tea was not good as it had turned. Dirty floor and dirty tea urns make be question the overall cleanliness and sanitation. The rolls we're fresh and hot. Salad was nice with a great presentation. For the money I paid,I expected a better cut of meat.

Jim Morrison

They have changed their name. It is now "Chief's" or something like that. Food has been pretty good the last couple of years. Used to be they could dry out a steak like a scientist worked in the kitchen, but they have gotten better. I like the skillet of steak tips.

Jenn Johnson

It's Chief's now. The food was okay but not outstanding. There was seasoning on the fries and that was the best part. Drinks didn't seem to have any alcohol in them. Service was okay. But the surfaces were all a bit sticky. There's not a lot of options in the area though, so may be worth a try.

Greg S.

This is now CHIEF's Roadhouse. I thought the food was good. Rolls were fresh, hot, soft - obviously homemade. VERY good. Lunch specials were good. New pork rind app was definitely fresh as they were still popping when they were served. BUT could use more seasoning. Over-all, I'll be back on this trip to the area.

Jason S.

The worst experience I've had in my life. The service was beyond poor, and the food was a reflection of that. The food didn't arrive until one hour into the visit. The food was not cooked properly and was cold. The waitress could care less about the service she provided. She tried to throw on gratuity which added another $14.00 to the bill. The waitress gave a bad attitude to my family when asked to take it off because of poor service. She proceeded to argue and acted unprofessionally. She snatched the receipt out of my fathers hand violently, and said "if it will get you out of here". I will never return. I suggest to everyone, avoid at all cost. Also it is not Reno's anymore, it's "Chiefs" and like the "chiefs" they will be extinct within a year.

Lisa Scott

Our waitress, Shay was the BEST part of our visit today. She was very timely with taking our order and keeping check on us. However, my husband ordered the iron skillet of steak, cooked medium well, it came to him medium RARE!! My only suggestion would be to make sure the cooks are adequately trained on the grill! Our salads, rolls and the sweet tea were delicious!

Darrell Hugueley

First of all, Reno's recently changed their name to Chiefs.

Richard B.

It is now called Cheifs, and the service and condition of the place has not changed, Skillet steak strips were way over cooked, took 4 bites and walked out, Avoid the place. There is a lot better steak house down the hill.

A Unit

This place is absolutely filthy! This is my first time coming and my absolute last time. I came to eat at 12:30pm on a Sunday. The booth behind me literally had old food plates on it the entire hour I was there. Meanwhile about 8 workers were sitting in a booth playing on their cell phones. Refer to pictures. When I first walked in, all I saw was a counter full of plastic pepsi bottles, half of them empty, somebody's Arby's bag, and a bunch of used stirofoam cups. This place is absolutely dirty. The FDA needs to come in and shut them down. (see pictures)