Reno's Roadhouse of Logan

105 Nick Savas Ave, Logan
(304) 752-9336

Recent Reviews

Mike Teays

Ordered meatloaf meal with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Potatoes and broccoli was cold. Meatloaf was warm not hot. Time from ordering to meal at table was approx 25 mins. There was only 20 customers in the place. Should not take that long. Even if a ribeye steak was in the order. (Steak med-rare))

Kage R.

I went to this place with my family and i ordered the Half Rack, Baby Back Ribs. After wards i began to get extremely sick and violently throwing up, i've been up for a few hours after eating at this place because i keep throwing up. Would not recommend this place at all, and even my family complained of stomach pains and we believe it's food poisoning. Entire vacation ruined and not to mention the drive home is going to be horrible.


Ordered the iron skillet I assume the signature dish of the place. Ordered it medium got well done. Sent back and got another well done but this time without the veggies, onions, and mushrooms uncooked. Didn't even eat it. Highly suggest you eat elsewhere. Server seemed ignorant on how to serve as well.


Great food and service. Huge servings

Max Fiordalisi

Ehh, it's calories I guess. Some stuff was decent, other stuff wasn't that great. The cheese burger my son got tasted like it was cooked in a microwave and the pulled pork I got was straight up something from the grocery store, reheated in the old nuker... The boneless chicken chunks / wings, were good, I'd get those again, but that is honestly about it. The wait staff, while very friendly, seemed to enjoy talking with their peers and not helping guests. I don't know if I would go back honestly.

Menma UwU

Omg! They were super fast. Lit had my food out almost the second we ordered it lol. Thank you for the great service!!

Anita R.

Our waitress Alexis was wonderful, the food was great!! Chicken liver was awesome, husband stale was cooked perfectly

Diana Heaton

Friendly staff. Went on a Sunday afternoon and were seated right away. Our food came out fairly quickly. They were out of romaine lettuce so they couldn't do Caesar salads. We ordered the blooming onion and it was very undercooked in the center. Also order the ribeye and it was delicious, as well as the Cajun pasta.

Sarah Caudill

One of the best filets I've ever had!! I ordered it medium rare, and it was cooked to perfection. Our sever was friendly and attentive. My only complaint was it wasn't enough food. The amount of serving for the sides was skimpy, and no bread was offered or served.

Carnage Box

This establishment is filthy. The kitchen and dining area is full of roaches. The management is terrible, especially the owner. Only go here if you want to catch some sort of Logan County disease and eat the worst food you've ever tasted.

Jesse Collins

Chefs is a awesome place to eat I will visiting again when I'm in the area.

Cody Plate

Just visited from NE Ohio while visiting family in Kentucky. The salmon was a actually really good, especially for being in a very rural area.

James Barnes

Food and service. Was awesome fast and great

Michael C.

Had a waitress that had absolutely 0 experience. Forgot everything we asked for, took forever. Took my girlfriends plate literally as soon as she pulls a fry from it, she had to tell her to give her the plate back. Had dirty dishes on the side of the table the whole time and she ignored those but wanted to take my girls plate as she was eating. Most of the staff are kids.

Crystalcrawbrown Brown

Oooh yes miss autum best cook in county

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