Frank's Pizza

311 Washington St, Montgomery
(304) 442-5857

Recent Reviews

John J

Everything was fresh great sauce pizza's and calzones best in the state. Butch makes NY style pizza's ?Food: 5/5

Nick Lester

Tried to order a pizza from a menu that's is linked to their Google page. And I'm told that it not their menu they don't have this pizza. Weird I wish Montgomery had more options for restaurants.

Isaac Peters

The food is excellent. The staff is great and friendly. I definitely recommend to try them and you won’t regret it.

Jacqueline Gill

The cheese pull on this pizza is best compared to the cartoon pizza on T.M.N.T. .Food: 5/5

Jeremy W.

Been going here since 1980. Over the years it's changed hands a few times but it's back to being the franks of old. Just a one of a kind place anything you get you'll enjoy.

Russell Sapp

Gone downhill. Service is below par, ingredients taste cheap, food is overcooked. Time from oven to table is amazing though!

George Smoot

So happy we decided to eat here!! The Pizza was the best I've had in a long time!! I can't wait till they open there St.Albans location!!

Russell cooper

The food is always awsome. And the order is always right. We love it.

Michele Armstrong

Always love Frank's. Can't wait for Saint Albans location opens.

Tammy Scott

Favorite place from my teen years. I'm 54 now and visited last week. Still fantastic!

Alyagia Darksbane

Normally I have only good things to say about Frank's. I've been eating here for over 20 years but their cheese sticks have become highly disappointing. Our order was overdone and tough to eat. The cheese and bottoms were nearly burnt. I also wish they would label their calzones which they don't leaving many people biting in the wrong one at home.


Yesterday I bought 2 pizzas. Both were overcooked, dry, and burned. We tried to eat them. We still have the pizzas and we have to throw them away unless you send someone to pick them up


Calzones are some of the best I have eaten in traveling to almost every state. The pizza Sicilian is over the top delicious too. If you just want a one person really big meal do a calzone and a home made desert item Canoles!

Chelsea S.

My family and I have LOVED Franks from the get go! However, new owners have taken ownership over it and although it is still insanely delicious, it seems some of the food has shrank in size. The calzones used to be so HUGE and so HEAVY that they would take up the entire plate if you ate in or touch two corners of the box if you ordered to go. The food is still so so good. I do however recommend if you want the pizza to eat there instead of getting it to go or delivered.

Kathy Conley

We had stopped going for a while because food was really bad. Decided to try again and went two days this week. Both times food was delicious. Will be going often.

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