334 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 599-1840

Recent Reviews

Bethany Kowalkoski

Always like it here, food never disappoints, service is fast and staff are always friendly.Food: 5/5

Bob Roskovich

The buns were harder than usual and the chicken was small, even my wife and kid agreed, Where's The Chicken!, I mean it was tiny, 2 regular chicken and 1 spicy, haha, all tinyFood: 2/5

Kip Bush

Great folks and clean location but the absolute worst drive thru speakers I’ve ever used. Sounds like they’re a 25 feet away, lol!

Deborah Kuis

The management clearly does not know how to process the take out window. Waited approximately 20 minutes after receiving food because the car at the pick up window was mismanaged. Resulting in at least 20cars to sit after receiving food. Not acceptable!

Jessica Biondillo

always reductant efficient. the rest of the world of fast food needs to take a day of training with these guys.. i mea even the drive through price is impressive lol ????

Dan “Zunkman” Zunko

This chick-fil-a, like all others was just about perfect. The only reason this one got four stars instead of five was because there was an off-duty Chick-fil-A employee sitting in a booth near me using language that was definitely not suited for a family restaurant. Other than that, everything was great.


It’s Chick-fil-A, food was great, didn’t take to long to get, and the employees was nice. The inside is really clean, and I’ve never felt crammed or rushed while in there. It’s a good Chick-fil-A.

Chad Frasher

Can't beat the service of chikfila! Super fast drive thru and never a messed up order. Spicy chicken meal with an arnold palmer every time.


Stopped at Chik Filet on my way to Doctors appointment. I always get Half-Half and a large because I have to sit for 6hrs during Blood infusion. I just love their tea!! I have to be careful or I suck it all down in first 30 minutes. Love the location. Very convenient to hospital and getting around Morgantown. The staff is always friendly and drive thru moved very fast

Robert Eagar

Rapid drive through service, expected Chick-fil-A quality. Nothing wrong here


Great Customer Service! One of the servers this evening had conversations skills like NO OTHER. I wish I got his name, but he was a delight and I encourage everyone to just ask someone how there day is… you wouldn’t believe how something so simple just turns the entire day around.10/10 Food is always amazing

Ryan G

Just passing through on the Interstate. Stopped here just before they closed. This Chick-fil-A has the best customer service and probably the fastest one I have ever been too.


This is the filthiest Chick-Fil-A I have ever been too. The floors were a mess and littered with paper pieces and crumbs and also what looked to be sticky pop that never got mopped. The tables were sticky and there was literally smeared grease on the wall where we sat. Gross.

Mark Gast

Excellent service. They are ready on the go and serve customers very fast. Nice smiles!!!!

Joe Lee

You can always expect a good, clean and friendly experience at chickfilas. This one is no exception. However, the parking lot leading into the restaurant is filled with large and deep potholes - large enough to potentially cause serious damages to your vehicles. Just drive slowly and carefully and you will be just fine.

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