725 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Morgantown
(304) 241-1386

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keith anderson

I hate dunkin they always place them in a spot that impeads traffic.....its annoying when im trying to go to work and some a hole is trying cut across 4 lanes of traffic to get around a light after picking up a spiced coffee and a danish. Boo dunkin!! Booo!...but you do have the best plain doughnuts.

Eva Tennant

Sucks cannot go inside and they do not make very many different kinds of donuts like to see what I am buying ask about lemon filled they dont make them there

Danielle Ford

I do not appreciate being scolded every time I pull up and the order taker feels I did not put my order in sufficiently far enough in advance. I have absolutely no control over whether or not there will be heavy traffic. I visit this store multiple times per week, as a matter of fact the one order taker knows it's me when they say "Welcome to Dunkin please take a few moments to review our menu and we will be right with you" and I reply the gentleman always says "Oh Danielle it's you we have your mobile order here", but most of the time cars are waiting backed out onto the main road. I can't help it that randomly sometimes that isn't the case. I have no way to control traffic. Shall I put my order in 15 minutes in advance so that by the time I do get to my coffee, which could possibly be 30 minutes or more, the ice is melted and I have to request a remake because I don't want to pay for watered down coffee? Because the last time it took a considerable amount of time to get thru the line my ice had melted and I requested a remake I got rude comments and nasty looks. And it is always this store. If I visit one of the two other stores in town I never get unnecessary feedback. And it really, truly, does not matter because guess what! Every time I actually get to the window, after being scolded, my coffee is ready anyway. So whats the sense in scolding your customer? Very unprofessional, unnecessary, and definitely not appreciated or appropriate.

Paige Futey

I’ve never had something from here that I’ve enjoyed. Donuts are dry and look fake.

Paul McClung

Long line at the drive through. No counter service. Coffee was bitter.Morgantown would be a good place for a new donut shop or Franchise.

Nicole L

I've gone here about 8 times the first 3 times were good but then every time after that it kept getting worse. It started with the employees being very rude here which is whatever I'm just here for coffee. But then the last 2 times I came here the coffee was disgusting! It was very watered down. SAVE YOUR MONEY. You're better off to go to the Starbucks 2 miles away.

Wesley Rinehart

Good dunkin in Morgantown. The sourdough breakfast sandwich was delicious.

Ale J

I spent some time in here. The space is good and the seating area is big. I would recommend talking care of the place hygiene.

Ale J.

I spent some time in here. The space is good and the seating area is big. I would recommend talking care of the place hygiene.

Steve Belcher

Fast service. Good donuts.

Scott Diciuccio

As usual, you can't go wrong with dunkin

Felecia Perea

Order of hashbrowns ? 6 in total and burnt! Why do they always ball up the napkins before putting them in the bag?

Abby C.

The staff members here do nothing. 4 cars were lined up in the drive thru and no one would take our orders and then when the guy finally did he was fooling around and using an absurd accent to mess with us. Never in my life have I seen such incompetence when trying to get a coffee.

Anna U.

I waited about 10 minutes in store for my drink, they gave me my drink with real sugar syrup and I can't have sugar. The lady remade my drink and handed me it with like 2 inches of space empty in the cup. I am also vegetarian and ordered a Beyond sandwich- they gave me a real sausage sandwich so I went up to return it and they THEN informed me they don't carry the Beyond meat anymore. They didn't offer me a replacement sandwich. On the positive side, my brother said his cappuccino turned out well.

Emily Vince

Gets two stars because if you go on a good day, it’s awesome. Today was not that day, as I got the wrong food order from the drive thru and made it all the way back home before realizing. I brought it back to the drive thru and the manager annoyingly just tosses the bag in the trash and walks away. Got the correct order quickly but the only apology I got was from the worker at the window (even though this wasn’t her screw up), no refund or anything. Coffee was also naaaaasty and bitter. Overall lack of consistency in staff and food quality day-to-day makes coming here a total gamble.

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