Fat Angelo's

503 Ashebrooke Square, Morgantown
(304) 594-1040

Recent Reviews

Zoe Pollak

Loved their cajun chicken Alfredo!

Tj Quick

Delicious pizza. They don’t deliver far though

Johnny Taylor

Very very unsatisfied regular customer can't believe what you serve me this evening I received a Caesar chicken salad Very very disappointed

Michele Batiste

They offer a cauliflower crust (gluten-free). It's not the best crust, but you can have any pizza or sandwich put on the crust.The bone in wings are great.Food: 5/5

Tammy B.

I've lived in my current location for two years. I've always order delivery, I call today and the manager gives me a hard time and says that I'm out of the delivery area and he will not deliver. I've ordered delivery every weekend just about for the past two years. He tried to tell me I had the computer shows I haven't ordered since February and I've always picked up picked so I guess I've dreamed it. I told him to ask his delivery drivers done because they'll know where I live, but he refused.

S C.

Love the food. Hate the customer service. Ordered online first time. Live 14 miles away. Picked up did not check till home. Missing a pizza. Called them. Said I would receive refund on card never d is. Ordered yesterday curbside. Arrived right when said to. No one brought out. Waited a little while longer then tried calling. No answer. Continued trying for approximately 1/2 HR after assigned ready time. Still no answer. Finally hot pod and went in and got it. If I would have wanted to go in I would have ordered it that way. I had been doing construction this day and was filthy dirty. Do not advertise service if you are not going to give it...

Kalamity June

Horribly inconsistent. Pizza is typically soggy and sometimes even raw in the middle, but you will get one randomly that’s cooked perfectly. Staff is rude and will lose orders (we’ve had this happen numerous times). Sadly there isn’t much to chose from out in this area, so we ‘forget’ how bad it can be and reorder here. Won’t happen again though, with another ‘lost’ order it’s just not worth it. The Chinese shop is a lot better and the staff there is so much more friendlier!!

Jennie D.

I fairly regularly order pizza on Tuesday nights for their Tuesday night special. I've always enjoyed the pizza and usually buy a large so I can have it for several days. This weekend, we decided to order a steak hoagie and 2 pounds of boneless wings. probably the worst wings and sandwich I have ever had. Not to worry, I will now remember to order nothing but the pizza.

Keith Haney

Top notch pizza, hoagies, and salads! Our new favorite!


This was close to our hotel, so we made a couple visits. Very good food and they even offer cauliflower crust as an option for the pizza!

Logan S.

My wife likes this place but I've yet to have anything any good other than the first time. That time I got garlic parm fries and they were delicious. The next two times I got them they were disgusting because the fries were different.

Heather Gerlach Coen

Passing through town and stopped for dinner. Had calzones, pizza, stromboli. It was fantastic. Definetly a great choice!

Ryan Butcho

Fat Angelo’s has become a delivery staple in our home. The price is slightly higher than most other pizza joints, but it also tastes way better than the competition, so it’s worth the premium!We will continue to order from Fat Angelo’s as long as our kids keep asking for pizza, haha

Phil Fordyce

Wings weren’t done, rubbery n undercooked, never goin back there again! Don’t waste ur money

Kim Burnworth

Today is only the second time that I have ordered from here. The food has been pretty tastey and employees very nice. The only issue I have is that I ordered extra red sauce on my pizza and they did not put it on. I don’t like dry pizza. Maybe next time.

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