Metropolitan Billiard Parlor

371 High St, Morgantown
(304) 362-9518

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Ashley Lester

Unfortunately the poor girl that worked Sunday night was very rude and encouraged us to leave 20 minutes before midnight which is when I thought was the normal time of closing . She came to the table and said we had one more game till she infuriatedly told us we had to leave a minute after coming over. Obviously some miscommunication. It would’ve been nice if she informed us the hours and told us when an appropriated time to close out would’ve been as opposed to kicking us out 5 minutes after getting our last round.

Max Extreme

Best place to chill. Cool owner

Andrew Fahlbusch

Amazing tables, chill environment and great beer selection. Highly recommend

Joseph Bradford

A great place to go to escape the party bars and clubs. They’ve got a wide selection of beer, plenty of pool tables, and a TouchTunes machine.


Great place to grab a beer at a reasonable price and play some pool. Vintage vibe and good beer selection. A good weekly hangout spot.

Kylie Pinion

Bartender was rude and acted super entitled. I had really high hopes to play pool here but it went away because of the bartender on January 8, 2022 at 11:30p.m. Ridiculous behavior

andrew mccarthy

Great place to just relax from the crowds of downtown.

Jason Beckner

Great! Seen a concert was such a good time.

Evan O'Brien

This underground pool hall is the best pool hall I’ve played at before. The atmosphere has a low key vintage feel. If it weren’t for the projector and TVs you wouldn’t be able to tell what year it was down there. The music level has never been too loud that I can’t hold a conversation.There is plenty of space around each table so no worries about bumping elbows with your neighbors. Each table is well lit as well.The bar has a wide variety of options in terms of beer. I appreciate that they sell 40s here as well as craft brews. I almost never get liquor here so I can’t speak to that selection.Definitely check this place out if you like pool and are coming through town. It’s a classic Morgantown institution and has some options for non pool players.

JD Turco

Great billiards room. Owner and staff friendly. Clean w

Andrew Szanto

Knowledgeable bartenders, lots of tables, great space.

Mike Comer

Been going to Met since my days in high school in 76.. used to cut class just play. Still go from time to time, fav place in town.

Bruno Abersold

It was a really cool place, I enjoyed my time there and the bartender was very friendly. Great place to grab a beer with friends.

Andrew Trefz

Good place to have a drink and play some pool with an old friend

Joe Moore

my fondest college memories were had here shooting rack after rack with close friends.

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Metropolitan Billiard Parlor

371 High St, Morgantown, WV 26505
(304) 362-9518