QDOBA Mexican Eats

386 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 598-5555

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Kimi V

Workers are super friendly and the food is always fresh! I got the birria burrito and it was amazing! I love that toppings like queso and guac never cost extra!Vegetarian options: Veggie only optionsKid-friendliness: Quesadilla and chicken options

Berserker Tyr Frey

The night I went in there they was having some technical issues and with that well trained staff and employees they was able to take care of the customers and overcome the technical issues without seeming stressed at any time. There's either great leadership and training going on to that store but keep up the good workFood: 5/5


Wanted Qdoba for lunch and had a great experience. The staff was EXTREMELY friendly and very accommodating. Portion sizes were huge and the quality was much better in comparison to other locations in different area. We were very satisfied and would definitely return.

KP Patel

This server is the absolute worse. She kept rolling her eyes while I was trying to place my order. She acted as if someone was being forced to work. She needs to find a new job. It’s people like her that make peoples days go bad. I told her she needed to smile so it would make it better and she decide to slam my food at me. Don’t come here while she is working, she may as well throw the food in your place. I hope she has a better day going forward and doesn’t feel miserable.

Debra Howland

The delivery drivers are always last. We don't get paid by the hour! Totally unacceptable!! My delivery order sat on the back counter for 15 minutes!

Joshua Daniell

5 stars cause the staff at this location had wonderful energy, was polite, and did their best. The food is good and I had no issues.

Rararararararararararara Rararararararararararara

A few mornings ago I broke down in the rear of the restaurant when the manager who was on her way to get breakfast for her staff stops me and offers me breakfast. I was almost in tears . The staff in the whole place are absolutely fantastic smiling friendly faces I've never experienced so much greatness in one place thank you ALL for your hospitality and excellent service you all deserve awards ?

Timothy White

Worst Qdoba experience ever. Went out of my way to go here since all the Qdoba’s by me have closed. Sorry I did. The manager was rude and obnoxious. Couldn’t be bothered, said he was doing three jobs at once. I have a solution-hire more people! Busy with catering orders, they could have cared less about the customers there. Ran out of white rice, chicken, steak, queso, chips and this was at lunch hour! Really? How can you run a business like this? Stop taking catering orders if it’s too much. Employee at register was useless. I felt sorry for the girl running the entire line by herself and then stopping to help the idiot manager. She should be promoted, she was working her tail off. I won’t be back, no matter how much I miss Qdoba.

James N.

Love this place!! Food is always great! Staff are friendly and helpful. Portions of food are good, you'll never leave hungry after eating at QDOBA! QDOBA, you blow Chipotle out of the water!! No question!!

Christina Kirby

Beef is super spicy here. Watch out I was not prepared for that kick! Food was ok. Service was ehhhh.. one person working while 100 others stand there and watch and not try to help. Probably will not be back.

Michael Eskridge

Poor customer service, and the burrito bowls were only halfway filled up. This place used to be so much better.

Chloe S.

Amazing service, and tasty food. By far the best employees I have seen. 100% recommend

A J.

Pretty darn good. Pretty damn often. Healthy food, filling meal, cool soda machine. We dig Qdoba. Music sucks - that's the only ding I have. Too loud and terrible playlist of crap you've never heard but I think their corporate office dictates that.

Greg O

The food was good. I have had some consistency issues in the past with this location. This time the food was great. I really like the new look / remodeling inside.

Ayyappa Sadguru

Tasty food, different varieties, large portions, great prices,... recommend the tortilla shell & tortilla soup.

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