Saigon Pho Kitchen

3109 University Ave, Morgantown
(304) 205-1369

Recent Reviews

Linda Brant

Terrible pho I ever had, and the place very dirty. Not recommended


Always great and awesome food. Quick service and fresh food.

keisha marks

This place is amazing!!!! The service is always speedy and it's always delicious!!!

Karen S.

I ordered takeout not long ago and it was amazing! The best banh mi I've had in a long time! Highly recommend!! Can't wait to try all of the different banh mi and sauces!

Shara Sincoff

Great food and tons of it for a great price. Interesting way to order. Loved the combo. Couldn't finish it all. Love the fixins to put in the pho.

Gwen K.

The food was good and big. I didn't like that I had to order from the computer tho. It took too much time for a newbie.

Tilly Lo

Vacationing in Morgantown and found this restaurant while trip planning. I ordered $30 worth of food because I wanted to try so many dishes. I got the lettuce wrapped chicken egg rolls, spicy beef noodle soup and Durian coconut sticky rice. I was expecting a lot more lettuce for the lettuce wrapped chicken egg rolls. I guess I was supposed to get the lettuce from the self serve bar. My mistake considering my first time here. The spicy beef noodle soup is so spicy! Lol. I expected pho noodles but I got the round noodles which reminds me of spaghetti noodles. I prefer rice noodles, pho, or any flat noodles. I can taste the bone marrow in the broth. The Durian coconut sticky rice was a disappointment and false advertising! It looks nothing like the photos and I got one decent size chunk and the rest was raisin size, if that. Definitely not worth 8.95!! I think ordering take out, some restaurants take advantage of the opportunity to give lower quality food considering the customer is less likely to come back with the food. It's interesting that the menu has some default items and give the option to customize if you like. I don't plan on coming back, but if I do, maybe I will try the sandwiches. It is unlikely that I will return.

Jill D

The food was great! My friend got pho and I got a Bahn mi chicken sandwich, which was delicious. They had a little buffet spot to get bean sprouts and various veggies to add to the soups. Also the service set up was really convenient: you order at a kiosk and input your table number then they bring your food to you. We got ours super quick; there were very few other guests and we went at about 3 on a Saturday. Other reviews say this is the best pho in WV, and I can't say I disagree -- though I think it might also be the only pho in WV... still. Overall, very pleased!

Donna Townsend

The portions are large and the food was delicious I was even able to take a full meal to go. Highly recommend this place

Erika Davies

HELLA TOPPINGS!! So many toppings you could make an entire Thai dish with them alone. This was my go-to hangover delivery in Morgantown. The broth always arrives HOT, the meat always high-quality, and the toppings, of course, plentiful.

Benji Galaxy

Awesome pho. High quality ingredients and very sweet staff.

Vien Cheung

The best banh mis I’ve ever had, even compared to legit viet spots in nyc. Like what do they put in that thing? Even the tofu one is divine!

Ro Xay

Good pho, but not authentic. I'm asian and the food here is good, but I dont know why theres no asians working here.

Lady Tatted

The food is cold and the servers are just rude and they do not clean up after the people leave. It sits for awhile

Makenna W.

The best pho you can get in Morgantown! I love going there and the topping buffet is so nice! You can really create any flavor you want there.

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