Sandwich University®

708 Beechurst Ave, Morgantown
(304) 381-4552

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Jonathan R.

The asshole that owns this horrible place is a piece of shit that stormed the Capitol on Jan 6. Food and service are about the same: moronic and awful.

Robert Dobson

There seems to be ghost restaurants set up here. Like Citi Gyro and Hotbox by Wiz

James Gordon

Was looking for the SIR Club (Sedition, Insurrection, Riot) with some bear spray on the side for dipping, but didn't find it on the menu. Extremely disappointed as I heard it is their specialty.

George H.

Stopped by here recently on a trip to WVU and it was closed in the middle of the day. Something about the owner being away for a while. Went to the Subway instead and it was OK and quick.

S Smith

Was there in December and had to listen to jerk manager verbally abuse patrons and staff. Wow.

E.j. B.

Instant Karma

Mark E.

Owner was arrested and is in jail for assaulting a police officer (who died) in DC. This POS belongs in prison for the rest of his life.

Davey C.

The owner was recently charged with assaulting a Capitol Officer during the Jan 6 riots. It looks like he'll be headed up the river...

Stephen A.

I stopped by here for a nice sandwich on my way down from New York to Florida (I was bringing the kiddos to Disneyworld, pre-covid in August of 2019) and we happened across Sandwich University. I requested a vegetarian wrap for my son and the owner, George, came out and told me he "doesn't like beta soyboys in his restaurant". First of all, I'd hardly consider this a restaurant. Secondly, I have no idea what a beta or soyboy is but my son is 8. I told him that was inappropriate and to apologize to my son and he responded that "Trump is going to destroy people like you when he wins again in 2021" and he then physically assaulted an employee that tried to stand up for me. We high-tailed it out of there and never looked back. Never again.


Decent food for the most part but service is terrible if you order delivery on third party apps. Takes a long time and order often wrong. Not sure if it's any better ordering directly from them. Additionally, very inconsistent. I ordered "boneless wings" from them once and got huge tenders with sauce. Ordered the exact same way the next time (literally used the "order again" button because it was perfect the first time) and got the type of lower quality boneless wings pizza places have with a dry rub ??

Cody Woodring

Don't waste your time, just go to DP dough or pita pit. This place is like an undetermined sisyphus.

Jalin Burnette

This place is awesome.. The cheese steaks are to die for

Curtis Batton

This is the second time I have ordered, the first time they forgot lettuce, this time no mayo and I didn't know that a steak egg and cheese has tomato and ketchup ?

Liam S.

Great sandwiches but service is terrible. I waited over an hour for a pickup order just to find out they just changed the fryer Greece. Would not recommend if you don't want to waste an hour waiting for food.

Justin Worst

The sandwich was delicious, but they make you order online from an app even if you're in the store which is kind of annoying. Also, the owner is a Trump supporter & seems to be a COVID19 denier so I don't plan on returning any time soon.

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