215 Don Knotts Blvd Ste 110, Morgantown
(304) 554-0100

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Antoinette G

Attentive service and a delicious meal.

Terry McArdle

Really should be about three and a half stars. Interesting combination of innovation and social execution. It seems like the ingredients are right, but the sun will details and preparation cost some of the taste intensity and full delivery of the food's potential. Worth a try, though. About half of our order was definitely worth ordering again, the other half, we're chalking up to experimentation.

Gabriel Pena

The service was a little whack for the calibre of food and wine selection but it was an overall nice dining experience. The fried cauliflour appetizer is solid.


We visited Morgantown for two nights (June 11-12, 2021) and ate at Sargasso the first night. It was exquisite! Though rather short, the wine list had a couple of wines that were just what we were looking for. The calamari ("lightly floured and briefly fried, over Hoisin baby bok choy with a chili lime glaze) for $12 was just mouth-wateringly tender and delicious. The halibut special ($25) was perfectly prepared and came with lovely sides. My partner had lamb chops that she pronounced the best she'd ever had (and we've eaten our way through New Zealand). We looked at other restaurants the next night, but in the end couldn't get over the urge to return to Sargasso. The calamari and lamb chops remained fantastic, and the salmon entree ($33) was 10 stars out of 10. And did I mention the service was friendly and attentive? And tables were well-spaced in a well ventilated dining room.

Benji Galaxy

Consistently good. Innovative without taking risks that don't pay off. One of the 2 best restaurants in town.

Michele Batiste

Excellent food, great presentation. They even customized my order to meet gluten free diet. I had the salmon, my husband had the filet, both were delicious. Save room for dessert... highly recommend the creme broule and the cheesecake.

Ann P

Visiting from out of state and a friend recommended Sargasso. The first look at the menu and I was ready to leave due to lack of choices. The choices offered looked good so decided to stay. Glad we did. Ordered the special of the night-linguini with pesto sauce. Husband had the chicken. We both said first bite was amazing! Full of flavor. Meals prepared by one chef. Friend says he goes there because of the chef. We now know why. Prices are a little high but wow, what a great place for date night or anything special. What a treat.

streamless boundary

Calm, quiet, setting with a creative menu that delivers.

Jenny Hatch

Ate there on May 8, 2021 for dinner. The food was just ok. The menu was very limited. I definitely would not recommend the calamari. Served in very thick, large pieces and it was hard to eat because it was so gummy. Overall, felt the restaurant was very overpriced.

Duane Poling

Great food and service EVERYTIME!!

Diane Lewis

Excellent food, great service along with perfect ambience!

Katherine K.

This place is booty cheeks. Their food is trash. Did not give us bread. Every nice restaurant should give you bread. Even fu**ing Olive Garden gives out bread.... Waited 40 minutes for terrible a** food where they PUT CHERRIES ON CHICKEN. LIKE WTF. WILL NOT BE RETURNING EVER.

Bennett R.

Me and my girlfriend came in for Valentine's Day really excited because of how good the menu and reviews looked. When we were sat, the menu was completely different and only offered 4 main dishes. If we had known the Valentine's menu before coming in we probably would not have come in, as none of the food was really up our alley. We both ended up getting the chicken and it wasn't super good. I'm sure we were just the victim of unfortunate circumstance, but to spend $80+ on a meal that neither of us enjoyed was a bit disappointing.

Charly S.

This place is incredible. So unassuming. Top 2 fillet mignons I've ever had, coast-to-coast. Even the carrots were perfectly cooked!!  A new fav!  I'm only bummed I hadn't stumbled upon it sooner.

David Terris

Website: we are open, Phone number: go to our website, Facebook: we are open, Online reservation: we are open, Google page: we are open.Made reservations, called to confirm with the above results and what did we discover after getting dressed and driving there? Closed! With a hastily made sign tapped to the window. I don’t mind if you close, but across a week and a half of the above process, you could have told the world you are closed. We have been coming here for years but last Saturday we were forced to go elsewhere—madeleines— and got just as good a meal with no problems. Won’t be coming back. Goodbye

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