Sonic Drive-In

361 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, Morgantown
(304) 598-0024

Recent Reviews

Velda Dameron

After spending a few hours of fun time with friends at a nice cookout, we wanted Good milkshakes. Where do you....Sonic's of course. Their shakes are Delicious.

Jesse James

If there were a way to give -5 I would. Terrible customer service.I pulled in to a "stall" and patiently perused the menu. After pushing the order button to place my order and waiting nearly 10 minutes for the lady to come on the speaker and say "I'm sorry, our stalls are closed right now." This happens all too frequently in OUR post corona society.

Charles Blankenship

I mean, we all know what to expect with Sonic. There were no surprises. The lady enjoyed her premium breakfast burrito, hash browns, and her favorite Route 44 drink. The onion rings were on point. And my corn dog was exactly what one wants a corn dog to be. They were as fast as always in getting to our car so we could get back on our way. Would continue going back when the urge hits.

Susan Sargut

Drinks and food are great. Service is very slow

Brandon Williams

Don't get to eat here much but my girlfriend never had sonic before and it was only us so I saw it as an opportunity to take her and she loved it. I always prefer the foot long Chili cheese dog with tots a d she got the smaller chili cheese dog with tots

Ron Stotka

We don't eat here often and I remembered exactly why my family doesn't ask to eat here , shortly after trying my food I remembered. We honestly just don't enjoy their food, both times I took my family here it just didn't win us over, although it was busy so people must enjoy their food, they can't all be drinking a amazing strawberry milkshake, it was absolutely refreshing !!

Casey R.

Waited in line for 20 minutes & when we got to the front of the line, every light went off. When I called he said they always do that and I should have looked up the hours. Class act of an establishment. Ill get my tots elsewhere

Sheila Reynolds

Steak sub was awesome. Loved it the best I ever had. Will get it again

Amber Adams

Our order arrived to us very quickly, everything was nice and fresh and tasted excellent. The staff was very kind and friendly and we received everything we ordered although it was a pretty large order.

Jeff Weldon

Generally a good location. Food is well prepared most of the time, but you can get the occasional disappointing experience, especially if they are super busy and get rushed.

Theresa Shiflett

The food was delicious. We had the little chicken slider.

Dan R.

Just tried to go through drive throw at 857 and drove up and guy gets on says really fast drive throw closed move along. This place should just be shut down and closed it sucks.

Constance Williams

Nature at it's best. Love the one way trail system.

Vinny Wolfe

Good looking good love the food

Gretchen Griffin

Food was good and fast. Forgot to bring the condiments we ordered though.

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