Former United Bank, 1109 Van Voorhis Rd, Morgantown
(304) 599-2740

Recent Reviews

Manny Pauley

Amazing experience. The barista genuinely seemed happy to work there and was friendly and attentive. Will be going again soon.

Kirsten Surbrook

Just a real good way to start my any day!!

Haley H.

I was at Starbucks today and I accidentally ordered my online order at the wrong Starbucks, Moxxy (I believe that was his name) was super helpful in making sure I got the drink I ordered at no cost and was super understanding and nice. He deserves a raise.

susan belden

Employees to involved in their own drama to serve customers properly

Aaron R E.

Slow af why give priority to the drive thru. Dumb af nothing more to add just have to reach the requirements.

Jackie Brummage

I love Starbucks, I don't go there often. BC they r so expensive.


Would give 0 stars if I could. Workers are no help and beyond unknowledgeable of the drinks. Starbucks finally began offering a drink similar to the Frappuccinos you can buy at the store. The workers at this location are too incompetent to provide a name to this drink. First worker got it wrong twice and then proceeded to tell me “better luck next time” and then the second worker just didn’t even try. Do they not train their employees on the names of each drink? I’ll take my service to Dunkin where the workers are actually helpful and knowledgeable on the products.

Michael Amos

Typical Starbucks with friendly staff and timely service.

Rowen Chaos

Sexists women, manager is a pushover and the brat that works there named Sam I think? Is rude and has an attitude. Glad I am not from here or live here.

udoy datta

It's a good place to hangout with friends or just to work on your stuff. People working here are friendly and you always feel welcomed.

Jay Abbz

Great group of girls. Good teamwork.

Megan Kennard

This location has been very hit or miss with their espresso, espresso machines, and customer service lately. I drink Starbucks espresso almost daily and at this specific location it has been HORRIBLE! I'm talking like nauseating after the first sip! My last visit was over a week ago and I haven't been back since. I literally only drink iced blonde espresso so when the taste is off I know instantly. The manager was very nice and explained the espresso machine probably just needed recalibrated. Hopefully my next visit will be better

Destiney Wolfe

Really don’t need my 6 dollar drink filled all the way to the top with ice! When I told the barista she said “that’s our normal amount of ice” okay well I would like more than 3 sips of my drink since I’m paying 6 dollars for it ?

Nari Soundarrajan

It's a good place to get a caffeine fix or some bakery items. It's a chain so expect decent standardized amenities and service. Drive through is usually more busy than walk in

Marion Pellerin

Good Starbucks with helpful staff BUT the drive through is design very poorly and it congest's the narrow street the store is located on during busy hours. People will literally block off the entire street for other drivers just to sit in line and get late.

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