Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

112 Great Teays Blvd, Scott Depot
(304) 757-6660

Recent Reviews

Shelli C.

You can't get worse than this Gino's. From the rude employees to the undercooked sloppy tasteless food there is nothing I can compliment t this place on. The lasagne was freezing cold in the middle the meatballs were tough as rubber balls the 'garlic bread' was sipped in butter so much it was falling apart and tasted stale. The pizza bread had maybe 3 pepperonis and the bread was not even baked. What a waste of money. I should have took it back and threw it in the drive thru window at them since my dog wouldn't even eat it. Never again

Sherry Stowers

Cheese breadsticks and original wings.

Jim McVey

I liked that I was able to dine in. Staff was friendly. Pizza was good.

Michael Evans

TLDR - order of 2 pizzas and wings took 110 minutes when I was told 45-55.Called in and couldn’t order the special via phone and was told the deal was only available online. I Ordered online and it stated there’s a 20-30 minute wait for online orders but times may very after 4pm. Went to pick up 30 min after the initial order and was told there was a 45-55 minute wait. I paid and said I’d wait out front. I sat there for over 60 min after that (about 110 min after the initial order). I recommend calling after your online order to check the time before you’re strung along for as long as I was. Everyone was nice about it but still sucks to wait that long.Hope they update the online ordering process so it shows actual estimate of the order.

Bodie Johnson

Rude staff, burns food.

Jennifer Yes

Very slow service. Very RUDE employees. I think they literally like to burn food just for fun. Go elsewhere.

Karen Hartwell

Great service great food

Matthew Lucas

For 30 years every pizza joint on planet earth has delivered... except for this place... and they’ve lost a lot of sales from me because of it

Brad West

It's unfortunate that the food at this Ginos has consistently been sub par. Placed an online order for delivery, called back about 90 minutes later to check on it and was told they didn't have drivers so the order was canceled. They tried to call with no biggie, I'll pick it up. I arrived home with this overcooked mess after placing my original order 2 hours earlier...that was the cherry on top.

Dayle Smith

The food was good, but the service was slow.

Albert Ruby

It's fine. Basic pizza at okay prices.

Jeff Jones

Very bad service called in order at 440 pm and got there at 500;still wasn't ready got it at 513 then when it got home the pizza was wrong didn't have on it what I ordered and one of my sub sandwiches was hard as a brick very bad service and food not to mention the guy with a beard with gloves on digging at his beard

Susan Tschantz

pizza hot and cheese "stringy" just the way I like it. fast service


This pizza is mediocre at best but the price on it is good. When they arent burning and remaking my pizza, they are understaffed. Only one person could run the registers and make the pizza. That is too much for one person. Especially on the 4th

leon johnson

This was the nastiest food I ever ate in my life. I ordered the baked spaghetti with meaty sauce and BBQ wings. When i open the spaghetti the sauce didn't have any meat in it. I walked to the counter and asked why my spaghetti didnt have any meat in it they gonna tell me they ran out of meaty sauce at 5 and they caught a attitude when I asked for a refund. Then I opened the wings they just poured bbq sauce on top on the wings and didnt try to shake the wings in the sauce. I ate a couple wings and couldn't eat any more they was horrible. I throw them in the trash and went to Five Guys.

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