Hot Stuff Pizza

110 W 2 St, Shoshoni
(307) 876-2787

Recent Reviews

Kim Oberlie

Love this new store and gas station. The restrooms are very clean and the service is Great! I will be back.

Mike Bakee

I just picked up snacks here, but it's a nice clean truck stop with a pleasant

Adam Delacruz

The bathroom was clean, the only reason this got any stars.

Eric Groves

Great fresh made sandwich from the deli.

Shannon R

Very good pizza and the staff were so super friendly! Will definitely stop here again next time I am in the area!

Susan Pyle

Pizza hut pizza is good and people are good

Stormy Bacon


Rodney “Rod” Eckhardt

Sour cheese

Rodney or Rod Eckhardt

Sour cheese

Mark Taylor

The most awesome staff ever

Michael Holderegger

The staff is friendly and the food is definitely good for the price.

Natalie Krusemeier

The bathroom was clean, the only reason this got any stars. The lines were horrendous for such a small town. I ended up getting a snack of bagel chips, but when I opened them later in the car, they were damp. I ended up throwing them away. As this was my only experience with this stop, I can't say I am pleased with my visit.

Bob McFarm

Amazing!!!!!! I love it!!!

Camsthequeen 3

The employees are nice and it's just a good place in general. i would 100% recommend

J Coleman

Always good selection ready to go..... Pizzas are good too. If you want something different, just ask. They are super helpful.

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