Gallo's Mexican Restaurant

8311 Arctic Blvd, Anchorage
(907) 344-6735

Recent Reviews

Loreen Painter

Oh, this place is so much fun! The food is fabulous, the drinks are great and the employees are amazing and fun! Best place I have been in decades! A must go!

Corey Douglas

Great food and service. Love the atomsphere they have

Mike Whitten

Had excellent service and great food. Staff working extremely hard despite experiencing a work shortage. We will definitely be back!

Better Than Ninja

Food was okay, hostess didn't seem too pleased to have to greet and seat us...after fixing the leg on the table we were sitting at so our drinks didn't spill, it was okay. Good menu and the food came quick. The fruit flys gave it an outdoor south of the border dining experience to match the decor.For dinner for 2 adults and 3 children @ $80 including tip, it wasn't horrible but I could find better.

David Dushkin

Very good mexican food was a bit of a wait to order but tasted great.

Perry H.

Gallo's will steal from you. Recently, August 27th at around 4:00pm my brother and I got a bite to eat at Gallo's located on the corner of Arctic & Dimond. We were there for about an hour. As we were paying the bill I noticed it begin to rain. I had left the windows partially opened because I had dogs in the car so we hurried out. Both of us left our jackets hanging on the backs of the chair we sat in. We did not realize till the next morning. I was only slightly concerned even though I had left my wallet in my jacket. I have been going to Gallo's for years. It is in my neighborhood so I foolishly felt like Gallo's would have just put the jackets in a safe place and wait for someone to come in and identify and return them. They were not busy and the server was tipped quite well so I figured I would show up, prove ownership, and be on my way... That didn't happen. What did happen was the next morning August 28 at 11:10am I returned to Gallo's. As I walked in there were two men behind the bar. I wanted to ask them about the jackets but neither of them would make eye contact... I thought that was odd. They didn't ask me anything at all... completely ignored me. I looked around for someone else and I notice the jackets hanging on the public coat hooks... I thought that was odd also. I went over and pickup both jacket's (I felt my wallet still in the pocket), looked to see if anyone might think it strange that one person would be picking up two jackets... not a word. One of the guys had even left and the remaining one would still not make eye contact. As I approached the door I stopped and looked in my wallet to see if anything was missing. All the cash, about $120.00 was missing but my ID and credit cards were still there. I figured it would be a waste of time to ask any questions. Because of the way those two guys acted I think there is a strong possibility they knew exactly what happened to the money. I'm lucky I got anything back at all. Anyone would have walked in there and taken those jackets... and nobody would have even given it a second thought. I guess the moral of the story here is that Gallo's will not do the right thing if you unintentionally leave something behind. They may even manipulate the conditions to make them-self's look innocent by putting your property in a public location so they could have plausible deniability. I've spent many happy times at Gallo's, now it is forever tainted.

Kay G.

I got food poisoning from here. The food wasn't even worth the next 36 hours of gastrointestinal pain. Don't go here unless you're prepared to be sick.

Amanda Lockey

Mediocre food and okay service. I ate 3 piece of a quesadilla and then spent the entire night throwing up.. won’t be going back.

Shelby Emmert

Julie is our server tonight and I’m sorely disappointed. I’ve had to flag our server down 4 times for drinks, food, and finally the check. Silverware was dropped on the ground in front of us when we asked for silverware, and then left it which is when I asked the bartender for silverware. I’ve had great service before but never such attitude until tonight.

David Mann

Came to Alaska on vacation, ended up eating here twice. No regrets, would eat again.

April Cotton

It was good. I think the extra guacamole and sour cream shouldn’t have been $1 each! That’s all

naomia felix

Staff was slow and so was restaurant. The food tasted like old grease. Zero flavor, the tortilla were old and rubbery. The meat was not seasoned. Well not be going back.

James Mabry

Just went in for a drink this visit but the place smelled like good things were happening in the kitchen. And, from past experience the food is pretty decent.

Karen Loeffler-Quintieri

3 of us walked in and after 5 minutes was asked if there were 2 of us. Very open seating but was first asked if we wanted the door by the table. Had to ask for menus, wrong food, and then waited 30 minutes for the bill.Food was very good!!!

Christian Rose Sande-Mandregan

We stopped on a whim one Sunday afternoon. We were not disappointed!It has been sooo long since we have been to and eaten at an actual sit-down restaurant!!! The atmosphere was laid back, the service was exceptional, and the food made my mouth water (and not because of the peppers!).This was definitely a positive dining experience for us..

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