Taco Bell

2695 Mill Bay Rd, Kodiak
(907) 481-3555

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Keith Watson

It's a KFC and Taco Bell. Beats all the other fast food options on Kodiak.

Michael Opheim

Great service!

Shane Ali'i Thompson

Great non Mexican Mexican food! 4 stars because the grilled stuffed burrito is hardly grilled. I need to ask them to leave it on the grill for extra time maybe.

Justin T Perkins

Zinger Meal for 7.99 is great deal for KFC.

Steve Johnson

Tacos. All the usual stuff. Nothing special about it. But always a decent quick fix

Bill Bell

Generous owners, great food. Saved 16 starving teenagers from oblivion

Judy Simeonoff

Love your food.

David Pestrikoff

Filled a hungry gut with good food.

Tony Robbs

It was great and Samsung pay works all most every where

Pamela Gail Canady

Stolen prescription glasses! Nobody knows anything. Refused to let me see camera footage! $350 doen the drain. I guess the cameras are to protect them and not there customers!


Because of it being Kodiak Island where everything has to be shipped, it's more expensive than lower 48 TB/KFCs. The Taco Bell food (specifically the spicy double chalupa) was quite good. We order KFC tenders, biscuits, coleslaw and mashed potatoes and the tenders tasted like they were standard freezer food that had been baked. Coleslaw was good, as KFC coleslaw always is. Biscuits were a bit too hard and dry. All that to say, we ate more than once at TB but wouldn't eat again at KFC. Could simply have been an off day. There's only this fast food place and McDonald's on the island.

Lena B.

Taco 12 pack??? All 12 tacos were soggy from greasy meat. It's like they didn't let the grease drain from the spoon for even a second before tossing it in the tortilla. We were all instantly sick with sore stomachs after eating here :( which is too bad, because Taco Bell is my adult happy meal.

Nancy H.

Not busy, but very clean inside. Attached to a KFC, so plenty of options for everyone. The gentleman working was friendly and suggested new menu items. The food came out very quickly and was just as Taco-Belly was always. (I hope Christine reads this to make fun of how corny I am think you)

Elizabeth J.

This place is very clean the people who work there are very friendly the only thing is that the building is cold although they have put in a little space heater so that helps a little bit also there food is good although it needs to be way hotter I got two tacos and when I bit into it the meat was cold like it was just sitting in a warmer but left out also their Mexican pizzas are a joke I mean if I'm going to spend that kind of money for one at least make it how it's advertised next time I go to Taco Bell I will have to take pictures one of the picture they have posted on their menu of the Mexican pizza and one picture of he Mexican pizza I get


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Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

2695 Mill Bay Rd, Kodiak, AK 99615