Cicis Pizza

1550 Opelika Rd Suite #30, Auburn
(334) 821-2600

Recent Reviews

Betsy P.

The staff is the best I've ever seen. It hasn't been on just one occasion. The multiple times I've been in the past year the staff has been so pleasant and wanting to make your experience as best as possible. Thank y'all for making the best of the situation we are in with the virus pandemic and going the extra mile.

Cathy Mcdonald

Quick and good I like that you can order a pizza anyway you want


Leaning tower of Pizza - Great Value!

Kevin Lang

The place was pretty. The staff was friendly. There wasn't a lot of choices to choose from compared to just a few years ago. sampled one of every pizza available and only the supreme and the barbeque stood out and tasted the best. The rest where terrible. All the beverages tasted watered down and bland. Brownies where not all the way done. The best thing on the buffet was the cinnamon rolls witch customers flocked to as soon as they where layed out. Salad bar didn't really have enough ingredients to make a proper salad. Overall the place felt good and looked fantastic but the food tasted worse then microwave pizza from a convenient store or gas station. Improvements to the food must be made. Won't be going here again.

Terrance Wilson

Nice pizza buffet with different options to choose from

Alana C.

I ordered a large Alfredo pizza to pick up at 9:45. I get there at 9:20 because I finished my errands sooner than I thought and my pizza was sitting on top of the oven, meaning it had been made, cooked, cut, and boxed 25 minutes before I was even supposed to arrive! When I got the box, the bottom wasn't warm, so I opened the box and the pizza was so cold they must have cooked it at 6:00 when I ordered it! The crust was crunchy, dry, and cracker like, there was barely any alfredo sauce, and the cheese was cold and dried up! If I had wanted leftovers, I would've eaten some! Super big waste of money and I had to order from another restaurant because even after I tried heating it up, it only became more lifeless, I couldn't eat it. I would've gone back inside and ask them if they'd make another one, but I didn't want to have to keep the workers longer, it looked like they'd already cleaned everything and got ready to close.

Trey Gross

Pizza for folks that's never had even frozen it's like tostitos cooked in a microwave but all you can eat the salad bar decent tho

Vaibhav Chavan

Best for the bucks ✌️

Paulina White

Great pizza and great arcade room for kids! All you can eat!

Lourdes Delvalle

Excellent place to eat delicious!!!

Charlie Serene

The pizza wasnt really cooked good, but it taste okay, amd they kept putting the same pizzas out even after asked to put different ones out

M N.

They get 5 stars for just having pizza the day we went. Last time I was there there was no pizza at all. None.

Chuck Weatherstone

Poor service. Staff made very little effort to keep a variety of pizzas ready. I would not go back. Low price helps compensate, or perhaps explains why everything else is so poor.

Shirley Douglas

It was the worst experience ever. The service was horrible. Hardly anything for the salad. No pizzasa when they got them out the were not done all the way.. the servers all had a bad attitude..

Brittnay Clark-Teppig

Great staff, sometimes they get busy and don't have enough fresh pizza on the buffet, but usually always good food!

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