Brookwood BBQ Cafe

10001 Covered Bridge Rd, Brookwood
(205) 553-3991

Recent Reviews

Shawn Boozer

Meat loaf was good, had little bell peppers in itVeggies were fine, tea was fine, price was ok.I say for a little place in Brookwood, thumbs up.Note: The plastic 'silverware' is flimsy, but that's nit-picking

Romney j Rahmaan

Good to eat in a

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 4

Justin Rogers

If u have no other place to eat around that way I guess they are ok .mashed potatoes are instant potatoes from a box and the gravy is from a cheap gravy pack. lasagna is basically spaghetti it don't have the different cheeses that make it taste like lasagna like ricotta cheese and the guy that make your plate have a bad attitude for around $10 to $15 isn't work it but food isn't nasty it's just not made with love and it's basically all instant food

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 1

Latasha Harris

The food is amazing. Cheeseburger was delicious. My husband had the fried catfish and fries. Good truck parking.

Cookie Gamer

Place opens up at 0900 and I arrived shortly after. I got BBQ wings, mac n cheese, corn and sweet potatoes. Every thing was cold except the corn. Folks that cook will know that this food, especially the fried chicken, is cooked the day before THEN warmed up the next day. Drink is NOT included with the meal. Servers can be stand offish at times but they also have to deal with the public ?

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 1

Service: 4

Jamecia Perryman

They have they good days but today wasn’t I got meatloaf and both slices were pink inside I called back to ask about it & she said it’s always made like that??? Which was confusing so basically the meatloaf is always undercooked?? I just hung up because that’s sad.

Crystal Beach

Chicken tenders where dry. Bbq was dry the sides where delicious.

Stephen Entrekin

Excellent meat and 3 lunch plate. Some of the best baked beans I have ever tasted.

David Dixon

excellent food and great experience. employees were extremely friendly and we enjoyed our time there. will definitely be back again

Brittany Mullenix

The cashier was exceedingly rude when i tried to ask ask simple questions about the menu.I got behind the girl that was checking out to see if they serve the philly steak sandwiches everyday or would it have to be in the food case. I was waved out of line and she got a attitude. I will not be returning to this establishment if that is how simple questions are met by the staff.

Anita Pittman

Great place for lunch.

Bill Crawford

I was very disappointed on my last visit. Inquired if they had a chicken box. Young man at register said any piece of chicken was 1.89 each. I picked my selection 4 wings 4 leg qtrs. 27.59 was total!?!?...i went ahead and paid but this IS my last visit. Food is good but no leg qtr is worth 4.39 each. All the line workers heard him quote me 1.89 any piece.


Awesome little place, don't let the exterior fool you!

Mrs. “Bae” A

To all the truck driver give this place a try.They do have truck parking, but not huge like the other truck stop.And the food is excellent!!!!Only reason I gave them a 4 is because there mask was not worn the correct way and the cashier wasn't wearing one at all.Now the Food!!!!!When you come in!!, the food was already prepared.( That's a good and bad)We ordered the chicken wings.They had 2 kind so we got both. BBQ and regular. My husband like the BBQ one, I didn't so much. It was kinda of dry for me.But the taste was really good.Then the lasagna was dang good, season very well, with a lot of cheese and a nice amount of meat.The green bean casserole and Mac and cheese taste like if you would of cooked them at home.The banana pudding was exceptional.Would we go back to this place??Yes we would. Taste like home cooking!!!Again except for the mask thing and next time we would order the wings fresh.

John Dobbins

2 meat plate (ribs and chicken) was amazing.

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