100 N Craft Hwy, Chickasaw
(251) 456-7664

Recent Reviews

Brittany Lewis

3 1/2 stars... there milkshakes are good but super expensive

Corey Griffith

Love whataburger but it's not like Texas. They were rude and not the best service by far

R-Kay Willardson

This is a classic location and building. Good food! Staff was friendly.

Brittany Carter

One if my sandwiches was just put inside a bag with NO WRAPPER!! Brought it back to fix the issue and was treated poorly.


Waited 20 minutes after ordering then drove away never got our simple order of French fries and a shake. Still five cars in front of us when we drove away. Won't be back to that store.

Tyler Parker

Whataburger in Chickasaw is easily in my opinion one of the best and last short order drive-thrus in Mobile. Yes, the prices have gone up with inflation. As has everything else, but their quality has been sacrificed very little. They still have a dairy truck come so they can make fresh biscuits every morning with REAL eggs. Not the fake powdered stuff that were told to believe are eggs LOL. If you appreciate old-fashioned food at a decent price and a great atmosphere I highly suggest stopping in.

Lanaskha Richardson

paid too much money for the chicken strips to be cold hard and dry fries cold and soggie gravy watered down HORRIBLE

Deborah Hendrix

Had My All Time Favorite Patty Melt With Extra Onion's!!! Delicious

Just Money

Last night the employees were so lazy they lie about taking cards they said they can only take cash. FIRE THESE LAZY BISHES AND HIRE SOME PEOPLE THAT WANT TO WORK. THIS PLACE IS TRASH SINCE THE PANDEMIC.

Skyshrouds Relics

Good burgers and if you're hungry late night or early morning they get your food out quick.

Amber Adams

The beautiful woman Ned Rachel in there was extremely helpful fast and kind. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but you can tell she is beautiful on the inside as well

Holly H.

I know I know. We are in a pandemic. But the service here has always been terrible. The people who work here are currently overworked or just don't give a rip about their job. I'd definitely say the wait was the worst. The food is mediocre.

Keith Shirah

To my dudes who took care of me at the window tonight/this morning(3-3:20am, December 5th, 2021), I appreciate you. ??To management, I stopped going to the Chickasaw location a few months back because of certain things that I wasn’t a fan of but I’ll spare the unnecessary details.After tonight’s meal and the positive attitude shown by the guys on the night/early morning shift, I WILL be visiting again, very soon![Didn’t catch their names but I gotta say, they deserve, AT THE LEAST, a pat on the back.It looked to be a slow night but I know how easily one can become aggravated on a slow night and they looked to be having fun while being professional.]Thanks for the good food and great service!

Angela Washington Douglas (Awesome A)

The burger was good but they didn't put my apple pie in my bag.

brandon mcvey

Service is very slow. Seems to be very unstructured in communicating to customers and ensuring that orders are CORRECTLY filled... Food is great but it only receives 2 stars due to the inconsistency of timely customer service. Otherwise, it would receive 4 stars.

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