Saw’s BBQ Hoover

3780 Riverchase Village Suite 100, Hoover
(205) 315-4637

Recent Reviews

Melissa R

Great bbq and glad to have a Saws in Hoover. Great service, food, atmosphere. Parking easier than other locations.

Justin Stokes

First time trying this Saw's location. Great food, the chicken thighs are fantastic!Food: 5/5

Kyle H.

Message: I have heavily supported this establishment in Hoover since it opened, but no more. My visit came to a screeching halt at lunch yesterday when (after not being acknowledged for at least 10 minutes) this angry looking waitress came to my table - hatefully asked me what I wanted to drink and then when I told her, barked out, "do you know what you want to eat?" Not a greeting, not a hello, not a sorry to keep you waiting, not a nothing. Just a harsh demand that I be prepared to shell out the answers since she apparently had managed to do me a favor by finally getting over to my table. I looked at her like she had two heads, told her I didn't think I wanted anything at all and walked out. The most interesting thing was she actually attempted to look surprised when I got up. She knew exactly what she was doing. Bet it wasn't the first time nor will it be the last. She wasn't worth the satisfaction of leaving no tip. She was just that bad. I guess I don't have to wonder why the place was half full at lunch time. It's definitely not the quality of the food. But, I can find that elsewhere. I didn't want a discount, I didn't want anything for free and I wasn't even in a hurry. I just thought I'd get a bite to eat and have it served to me by someone who was at least half decent. I didn't even get that. Next.

Chris T.

Underwhelming. Meat and fries were cold. "Pulled pork" was cut off of a larger piece. Reminiscent of cafeteria food. Food came quickly, I'm sure due to just scoop n serve Was not a fan of the layout. Is it a bar? Is it a BBQ restaurant? Is it an amusement park?

Joyce C.

Had the pulled pork plate special for lunch today with potato salad and coleslaw. Diane was my server and really took good care of me. Owner/manager Neil Patel was around quite a bit making sure that all of the customers were happy. Could not get over the amount of food. I ate and ate and ate and still had a dinner sized portion of pulled pork and most of my potato salad and coleslaw left. Excellent bang for my buck. And most importantly, the pork was fork tender and delicious. So glad that Saw's came to Hoover!

Christopher R.

Solid bbq spot. Very friendly and fast service. Will definitely be making this a go to when in Hoover.

Erik N.

Unique menu full of delicious options beside BBQ. This location is just as great as the downtown restaurant but has more seating.

Heather S.

Cheese grits and baked beans were fantastic, pulled pork was slightly dry but had good flavor. Server Jackie was great; friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.

Abby E.

The food and atmosphere was amazing! We had the Pork n' Greens, Loaded BBQ Fries, a huge side of Fried Pickles, and the Banana Pudding with a Spiked Lemonade. Karey, our waitress, was so helpful and friendly! Couldn't have ended this crazy work week on a better note! I don't share well so let's just keep it our little secret! Thank you for coming to Hoover


Great service from the time we were greeted and until we received our take out meals. Unlike the Homewood location, the Hoover store is much larger. We ordered the Sweet tea chicken and pulled pork sandwich, and the 3 thigh plate. The sides were mac and cheese, potato salad, and beans. The food was on point and filled with flavor. The seasonings were just right and did not overpower the meat. The mac and cheese was baked and you could taste a hint of smoky flavor. Overall, a great restaurant.

Lisa M.

My waitress was lacking any friendliness. I waited forever before she served me The food was very good especially the grilled corn! Did not care for the fried instead of being cut horizontally like usual it was sliced lengthwise which made the skin tough

Allen Horne

I can't say enough about the pork skins! A co-worker recommended Saw's BBQ for one of our recent lunch meetings. Let's say it didn't disappoint. I'll be returning with my family next time. They also have good music jamming in the background...Did I say the pork skins were amazing?!Kid-friendliness: They have a large open dining room for kids to be kids. Parking: Parking would never be an issue here.

Armon D.

I was excited to hear that Saw's was opening a new location so close to me. About six weeks after they opened, I joined a coworker there for lunch. The restaurant was about half full when I got there at noon. The inside was clean and spacious and decorated nicely. Several different sports channels were on the TV's. It took our server perhaps slightly too long (given the fairly low number of tables sat) to show up and take our drink order, but she was pleasant and professional. All in all, the service was quite good. Now here's the rub: the food is not on par with other restaurants in the Saw's enterprise. Not even close. But you're still getting charged Saw's prices. The smoked chicken sandwich I ordered ($11) was disappointing. The chicken was flavorless and dry, something the kitchen attempted to recover from by absolutely drowning it in white sauce. The saving grace of my meal was the fried corn ($6) that the server talked me into ordering; it was delicious but pushing the envelope in terms of value. You can get elotes up the street for less money but more satisfaction. My coworker had his heart set on a pulled pork sandwich, but they were out. At noon on a Wednesday. He settled for the $10 Saw Burger. Granted, this isn't a burger joint, but he felt the burger was pretty mediocre. You can get a better burger in Hoover for 2/3 of the price. Ultimately, once everything was totaled up (sandwich, fried corn, sweet tea, tax, 20% tip), my lunch was $26.40. I'll pay $26 for an exceptional lunch. This wasn't it.

Kelsey C.

the good: service was good; tables and environment was clean. the not so good: it has gotten way too expensive. the food is good, but it's not worth $11.50 for a kid's chicken tender plate (a kid's hamburger is $7.50 and a kid's grilled cheese is $6 - these come with a drink and a side) or $22 chicken stuffed baked potato (a pork potato is $17, a broccoli potato is $11). the sandwiches are between $10-$17 and you have to buy the $4 sides extra. we had been to this location before, and while other people had mentioned their other locations have gotten pricier, we were not at all prepared to spend $50 for two sandwiches, one side, one kids meal, and two drinks. so if that seems reasonable and do-able to you, then this is a great place for you. and i truly get it, these are hard times for everyone, but it just feels weird that one location offers a $13.50 chicken stuffed potato while nearly all the other locations are charging $22.


We loved the food! Had the sweetest waitress. She was funny and had a constant smile on her face. She was older than the rest of the staff but she was the best hands-down

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