Waffle House

5176 Caldwell Mill Rd, Hoover
(205) 437-8220

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Matthew Painter

Unfortunately despite the food and service being excellent they were obviously way too understaffed which led to me having to wait for an hour to get my food despite their only being for customers in the place. From what I could tell the cook was the only one there working and so my complaint is not with him but with management and administration. I was also very very unhappy with the fact that I could not place a call in order and was hung up on when I actually did reach a person and inquired about placing a carryout order. Honestly the only reason I waited so long was because I am a gardener and had been working outside in the freezing cold all day and night and was extremely hungry and they were the only place open and I saw how hard the cook was trying to appease everyone and do his job despite the lack of help. I actually felt very sorry for the guy and he was very but unnecessarily apologetic for the situation and I ended up giving him an larger than average tip for his good character, integrity and service. Sadly, it's an all too familiar situation with blue collar jobs and yet another example of why Us workers deserve much more respect from management and appreciation in the form of greater benefits and higher wages, that which we actually and desperately deserve and in my opinion is the best and easiest way to make the US a stronger Union at the grass level. This country is beyond screwed up when it comes to wage compensation. Workers have more than good reason to despise most politicians and businesses who only play games with us workers in order to selfishly extract the most wealth possible for themselves while the rest of the country is being run to the gutter.

Rodney Zeedyk

I live in the Midwest and we don't have WH restaurants. I eat breakfast here every year when we visit.Food: 5/5

Jameson Sewell

An older woman worked here during the night shift around 10 pm on Friday, September 23rd, 2022. She was incredibly rude to me and my friends. She humiliated me and accused me of stealing my meal. She was disrespectful and took a long time to serve us. She took roughly fifteen minutes to even offer us drinks! I ordered a fiesta omelette to-go and she gave my meal to the wrong table. When I asked her about it she was very rude and tried to blame me. It was very difficult to pay and she tried to demand that I pay double. I am very disappointed in the customer service here and I will not be returning.

John De Block

This store is run like they all used to be. Fast fresh food, great service. The teamwork is obvious and makes all the difference. When other waitresses stop by to check your coffee and see if your OK, that is top notch service.


I'm visiting from out of town and this is by far the best waffle house I've been to. The place was slammed packed but service was fast and friendly. Every table was full and I still had my to go order taken in 2 minutes of me walking in. Staff was on point.

Gabrielle C.

I love Waffle House a waffle lot! We came at around 11 pm and the service was slow because there was a concert at Red Mountain and this is the second closest Waffle House to the amphitheater so a lot of people from the concert came in right after us. I generally love Waffle House but our waiter was a bit odd. He called hashbrowns hashies and waffles waffies. Fun time overall. Thanks WaHo!

Barney Moore

I drive way out here from Birmingham because it looked like a decent WH and had slightly better ratings. It wasn't a bad experience exactly, but I gotta say that the lady waiting on me was definitely high on crack. She also couldn't add, and ignored basically everyone who needed help. Awesome.

Sam Philley

Even at 11pm, Waffle House doesn’t deviate from its incredible service and food because of exemplary employees like Mitch and Casey!Waffle House is always good. I don’t know if it’s the friendly, slightly busy atmosphere during the morning hours, or the food and how incredibly delicious it is. Either way, when I go to Waffle House, I always expect it to be a pleasant experience, and it always meets and exceeds my expectations.Tonight was different. It was different only in that it was 10 times better than anytime I had gone before. It was 11 o’clock at night and I walked into the empty restaurant where I was warmly greeted by Casey, who quickly took my order. Mitch prepared my food in less than 5 minutes and as he gave it to me, we began talking about soft bacon, syrup on hash browns, and cars.Overall it was an amazing visit, and I’m positive it will not be my last!

BL Chambliss, CSCP

We used to call this the elite waffle house when it was new. It's still a good franchise for the brand. Satisfying comfort food. Great staff.

Ronda Morales

Very Good Food

Jenny Hope Marlow

Yummy as usual. The server was very good!!!

Pastor Sam Baker

Great crew and friendly staff. This is our Sunday morning breakfast before church

Anthony Outsey

It was awesome, the food was delicious and the service was excellent!!

Heather Whisenant

Very rude staff. We were standing for 10 minutes waiting for a table to be cleaned off that was empty. The staff never even acknowledged our presence to say that they would clean the table when that had a chance.

Michael H

Really nice folks. Mitch is the Best and kind and attentive!! Thank Mitch

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