Applebee's Grill + Bar

1917 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville
(334) 361-8899

Recent Reviews

Ricky Buchanan

Just another mid level chain eatery but this one the food was prepared better ? and the service was great so we will visit again.Vegetarian options: Good veggies so if you like meatless meals you have decent options.

Michael Mears

Our waitress was great. Very personable the food came fairly quickly even though they were slammed on Veterans day.Food: 4/5

Heather Gaither

Sirloin was tough as a tennis ball, couldn't even get the toothpick to come out of it. The steamed broccoli was still hard like it had never been near heat. The ribeye was undercooked. And the salad dressing tasted like it was watered down. The bread stick and mashed potatoes were good. Our server was decent. And the bar tender was very nice to us. The bathroom was yucky.

Cheryl Calvin

All our food was exceptionally good and they're pasta and sauce is better than Olive Garden. That's a shame. Customer service was pretty good.Food: 5/5

justin carter

Food was really disappointing. Server was awesome though. But for almost 100$ I don't think I'll be back any time soon.

Xavier Watson

Ordered through Uber eats. I spent over $60 for soggy, tasteless, sloppy food. Quesadilla burger was flat, soggy and tasteless and the fries were cold and hard. The dip for the pretzels was WATERY and the pretzels themselves were soggy. The shrimp and steak plate was a disaster. Everything was sloppy and runny.

Logan Payton

We visited our local Applebees for a typical Wing Wednesday night. I could not be more than happy to have Dre as our server. Dre's customer service was above average! His attentiveness, customer service, attitude, and energy were superb. I’ve traveled all around the globe, and Dre’s customer service was top-tier. Thank you for an excellent experience.

Tasha Dawn

Moldy broccoli and ice cold fries with a $50 bill. no thanks. I wont order again!

Greg Arant

Apparently the cook here on Labor Day at 130 pm doesn’t know the e difference in raw and medium well. I told them 3 times what was wrong with it and just decided I wasn’t going to eat it. Also I requested my fries on separate plate and that did not happen either. To fix that they just raked the fries from the steak plate with the juice on it, which I personally don’t like , onto another plate like I wouldn’t notice. Needless to say I will never take my family to eat at this Applebees ever again and it used to be my favorite place to go.

Heath Oaks

Walked in.. BAM got seated... very nice staff.Ole girl took care of me and my girlfriend with a smile.The ribs were got'dang amazing. 4 stars.

Tammy M.

I haven’t been to Applebees in a while so thought I would give them a visit. Oh my gosh the ceiling and a/c vents were covered in cobwebs HANGING directly over the tables just blowing in the wind..EEWWW! When I brought it to the servers attention I was told “oh thank, you we’ll take care of it.” As they say on tv “CLEAN UP!”

Johnny Jr. Martin

This used to be my Favorite Applebee's location, until 2 days ago. I drove 60-miles round-trip to have the worst experience since patronizing this business!This particular night seemed like the "Whole Darn staff was on "Vacation," and my server was the "Worst Of Server In History!" He took our order, brought "Cold Wings Old For The Appetizer & Did Not Check-Up On Our Table Again, The Whole Night!" No Beverage Refills Or Anything!!! Another Server had to bring our check after we waited 15-minutes to get it! The substitute waiter did get the manager to take off $5 of the meal, "Totally Unacceptable, I'd Much Rather See You Address Your Team Members Fir Their Poor Performance & Lack Of Customer Service!!!

Project Hexx

June 26th, 2022 - 3pm-Table of 7. Excellent service from the young courteous waitress with the blue eyes made it a satisfying experience.

Green Felix

I didn't realize they had a vegan burger till recently, it's so good and tastes just like a real burger. Ofcourse to make it vegan and not vegetarian you'll have to get no cheese on it. Service was really great very nice people. Nice atmosphere.

jeremy thrasher

I really enjoy this restaurant. Going inside is always nice, but picking up is fine too. Either way, the food is always awesome. Also, Applebee's is alway running some kind of awesome deals on their email list so I would strongly recommend being part of that. It pays off if you go at least once a month or even on special occasions like the super bowl

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