2729 Legends Pkwy, Prattville
(334) 285-1955

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Waitress was wonderful. Food was good and didn't take long. Good portion sizes. Interior a bit dingy, needs a bit of upgrading as many areas need paint, rips in upholstery need repair. Nearly empty at 7:45 a.m. so we were seated quickly. A bit pricey but still had a good meal.Food: 4/5

Mike Wood

My wife and I were passing through town and stopped for breakfast and we could not have been treated any nicer. They made apologies for us having to wait about 15min but that was fine. The waitress was super friendly and took great care of us and the food was everything we had hoped for. We recommend you stop and eat there. Proverbs 3:5-6

Sun Flower

Everything was really good and the server was awesome. Must be new management and cook because it's so much betterFood: 5/5

Dottie Smith

The food was good. We ordered coffee and it was $3 a cup. A little pricey but everything is now. I got up to go to the women's restroom and the two waitresses were sitting on the bench at the front door on their cell phones. Not very professional. Eating out is just not as good as it used to be before all this COVIDFood: 5/5

Justin Weldon

First off , we walk in and see a sign saying they are operating at 40% due to some issues. Still we really wanted to eat here because its so good when done right.Despite the warning we felt nothing from it. Everything we ordered was perfect, drinks were right out, our server heard our concerns about our time restraints and made absolutely sure we met our out time. I wish I could remember our servers name so I could post it here, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE. We were there, Sunday night Oct 23rd. Your made our whole night.


Time #3 and the last time. I have held onto hope that this IHOP would get it together but they have not. We try it about once every six months. It gets worse every time we go. Today my hash brown were like a hard block of nothings and the chicken was terribly greasy & burnt. The waitress cooked me new hash browns but the rest of my food sat cold while I waited. The restaurant smelled like pee and an old wet rag. In a place like Prattville Alabama IHOP should be one of the #1 places to eat breakfast & THRIVING. Hard pass, I'm out. Never going again.Time #2 this month @ IHOP. Our first time the food took forever. The staff was changing out lightbulbs right beside our table, slinging dust & talking loud. Our second visit was today, the food was good but the kitchen staff were ARGUING BAD! The kitchen & management staff need to be replaced. Our waitress was ok. Get it together IHOP your customers are leaving you!Went 2 times in Nov 2019, first time the manager was treating her staff AWEFUL (that's an understatement) my husband asked her WHY she had to scream our entire meal & she claimed to be calling out order. DISAGREE. Lady had a horrible temper. 2nd visit she seemed to be treating her staff better.

jeri jones

One star is too many. They only have one grill, so the wait is horrible. Once you’re seated, you continue to wait for your server to come. Once that finally happens, it takes another 45 minutes to get your food. Not to mention that the food you get is the wrong food. Then when it’s corrected, it comes out in shifts instead on one plate. The “manger/hostess” contort come by to let you know that Door Dash orders come first. Seriously? Does anyone need to know that? That’s the food and service.Let’s talk about how dated the actual restaurant is. The carpets are filthy and many, if not all of the ceiling tiles have mold on them.Find another place to eat. This one is not worth the wait.

Trevell S.

Ihop is a great establishment. This one in particular is not. The ceiling is covered in dust and the vents are leaking condensation. The food good. Heather, my server was the only reason the rating went from 1 to 2. She was great! I wouldn't recommend this location. It's tons of competition surrounding this location.

Asia Plummer

We waited for our drinks for about 15-20 minutes. But besides that our waitress did a great job. Food was correctly prepared and I have a lot of restrictions. Overall we were very pleased.Dietary restrictions: They had gluten free options!!

Samantha James

I enjoy eating pancakes every now and again, and this place has the fluffiest pancakes I've eaten in a long while. The service was great and the wait wasn't as unbearable. This place was very busy on this day but that's a good thing. Keep up the good work. ??

Ashton Bailey

Our server Karen was great. She was the only one running the dining room while waiting on the rest of the FOH to get there and she had 5 smaller tables plus a large party yet we never ran out of beverages, our food arrived at a great time, and she was very attentive of our needs. Thank you Karen!

Shaun S

Tiffany was our waitress. She was excellent. I told her to choose off the menu and she chose an egg, ham, cheese sandwich with pancakes. It was great. She was attentive and personable. The place looked like they had some AC issues and had fans going. The staff handled the issues great and we all had a wonderful filling meal for a great price.

Sarahann Wood Arcila

I ordered online and went to the restaurant at 6:45 because that is when my order is supposed to be ready. I did not get my food until 7:10pm.The whole time I was waiting only one customer came in (which is understandable). The restaurant is not clean and was very hot as if the air conditioner was not working. Thankfully the food was good so they get two stars but I will not return to this IHOP.

Briana Southers

Everything about my experience has been on point. The host was welcoming while he was cleaning the front doors. Dustin was super friendly and engaging making me feel welcome. Food was beautiful and delicious. Thank you for making me feel welcome while away from home.

C Boykin

I haven't been to an IHOP in years and it'll probably be years again. This location was horrible. First the host that seated us tried to place us at a dirty booth, with noticeable crumbs and syrup on the table and seats.Our server Ashley was the worst I've ever experienced. We had four people in our party. And she couldn't get the drinks orders right after taking 15min to even acknowledge us.When it came time to take our orders she didn't write anything down and I was wondering how was she going to remember all of these orders and substitutes if she couldn't remember 4 drinks orders 2 of which were the same. Needless to say she did not remember seemed as if she just went to the back and ordered us whatever she wanted us to have. After waiting and waiting on our replacement orders to come out, the bacon came out half cooked so we sent it back. The replacement bacon was burnt and I don't mean crisp I'm taking about charred.

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