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First of all the customer service was ok, wasn't great wasn't bad, but the food was good and hot which is what mattered. Traveling through from Birmingham and I came twice to this location. Both times food was hot, I love hot food when it's supposed to be. Good job.

Jonathan Pettus

This was the most unclean place I've ever been to. And the waiting was unnecessary. Just another example of poor help work ethic and understaffed issues we are dealing with.Food: 4/5

Bill Stewart

Place was hopping. Waited 20 minutes after I ordered to get my food. Chicken Nuggets were cold. French Fries were barely warm by the time I got home.

Jamie Griffin

Slowest Wendy's I have ever been to. Ordered a number 3, 10 piece nuggets, large with tea and a 4 piece nuggets, all to-go. Bag was missing the 4 piece nuggets, and the fries were hot, but mushy. Definitely not cooked long enough.

Jimmy Bundick

Dear Wendy, It just isn't working out anymore. I would say it's all me but it isn't. In spite of your snippy attitude at the drive thru and changing the price on me from the crackling speaker to the window I was looking forward to a nice meal. You couldn't even get that right. So farewell Wendy. I hope you get help for the attitude and I wish you well.

Li Le

Nice employees and typical Wendy’s fare. We don’t do fast food much but found the Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe to have almost no meat. The lettuce, tomato and condiments were good. The Jr fries were very good. Baked potato was fine.

Grant Wise

Stood at the counter for 5min. Staff completely ignored me. Came back a week latter on our drive back from FL. Same consistently terrible service. Left without getting food. Avoid this Wendy's.


It's hard to rate the food, because we never had any. The line inside was long so we decided to try the drive thru. We waited at least 10 minutes after being asked to wait a "moment". We finally left, and as we did, the last car in front of us was still at the window waiting for their food. Much as I'd like to have eaten at Wendy's, at least McDonald's is faster.

Gretchen Perry

Food was fine restaurant not so much. Quite literally every table was dirty. Chairs were pushed every where. I didn't see one staff even attempting to clean.

Danielle Ames

Very rude drive through service. I waited 20 minutes to get to order and left mid order because they female was so nasty. She couldn't understand what people wanted, most likely due to equipment, but blamed the customers for the issue. I figured out quickly why the man in front of me looked like he was arguing with the speaker. Went to BK across the street instead. Glad I did.

Steve & Tori Bradford

Really rough stop for us. Bathrooms were pretty bad, the restaurant itself is super dirty (and smelly), and any staff we came in contact with were clearly miserable. There was a line almost to the door.. and food delivery was even slower than ordering.If you’re looking for a fast stop on your way home this will likely not be it. Very sad for all the people who work here because management is clearly awful.

William's plumbing Is science

This location is always a gamble, sadly.Evening shift lacks hopefullythey get it together, either not fresh or forgets something..... and I'm not the only one who had said this...The local neighborhood Facebook page all had this agreement.3 stars because the morning and noon is always good.

Steve Daniels

I would have given zero stars if I could. The only good was the nice lady taking order. They were operating at a snail's pace. There for an hour. Just 2 of us. Two people in line walked out before ordering. There were only 3 people in front of me and all of them had orders wrong. We were no exception. I asked for my burger to have everything on it and extra onion. I had extra onion and this after I notified her again how I wanted it observing everyone else's issues. She and cook went back and forth. Put everything on it. She says you want lettuce?,yes, you want tomato? I said yes everything ..pickle and extra onion. She told him everything again. He said and onion. I got pickles and extra onion. Wife's simple burger had nothing on it at all. Took atleast 50 mins to get food 10 min to eat and get back on the road. DO NOT GO HERE TO EAT! NO I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS WENDYS FOR FAST FOOD OR TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. If you do, just go inside and slap $20 on the counter and say "just give me what you want because I'm not going to get what I order." Again, lady at register was trying but overwhelmed it seemed.

Mable Gershen

Very very slow for fast food 15 minute wait...for 20 nuggets two orders of fries and two strawberry frosty's, not to mention tables dirty trash overflowing while the store manager did NOTHING but look at people and watch the two that was actually working front and drive thru.

Noah Hurst

Counter staff acted as if we were imposing on them by ordering food.?Food was delicious & prices are always reasonable at Dave's Girl's Place.

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