Postmasters Grill

133 W Washington St, Camden
(870) 836-5579

Recent Reviews

Kenn Forrest

Went to restaurant for a third time after dissatisfaction from two years ago, it was still very disappointing. All three times food were overpriced, undervalued, and underserved.The most recent visit after “renovation” the menus were not updated nor were the covers. The leather covers -holding photo copied, food stained, worn and again out dated - branding were miss aligned and on the wrong side of the covers.Calamari had squid and octopus, not to mention it was so salty that was all that I could taste and it was so rubbery that it felt like I was chewing a rubber band.I ordered Jambalaya it was more of a paste and reminded me of what I’d eat from an MRE while deployed. There was only sausage as protein in it, menu mentions other proteins.Again I must admit I don’t see as a Citizen of the town of Camden for 10 plus years what the great thing about Postmasters Grill; it’s over priced and over appreciated for no apparent reason in this citizen’s opinion.

Dennis Graham

Had the creole pasta, was very good and large serving and excellent service and atmosphere. Very nice concept converting historical post office to a restaurant.

Tony Nichols

No complaints at all . Everyone that had a hand in Lisa's birthday party did a great job. It was a great time .Food: 5/5

Valerie Barbarita

We waited a long time for our food which was okay because it was busy, BUT it came out incorrectly and lukewarm which was very disappointing.Food: 4/5

Nora W

Great experience! I have allergies and felt very safe! There is no gluten free, menu but they were willing to go above and beyond to accommodate my Celiac disease. The steak was perfectly cooked, the potatoes were swapped out for a gluten-free version that was awesome!The server consulted the owner right off the bat and I was given options and felt very very safe! Highly recommended!!!!

Robyn Yarbro

If you’re in Camden, give it a try. We always have great service and a great meal here. The atmosphere is wonderful in the Coal room.

kenneth clemons

This was the best place in S.Arkansas to take the family and guest but the last 2 visits things have definitely changed. The service was 5 star,friendly staff and everything on the menu was delicious. The last visits, 1 in July was horrible and I was hoping it was just a off night then we returned in October and it was worse than the July visit. Hopefully it will go back to the original form because it was rated the best until the last couple of visits.

Thomas Sortino

We sat downstairs and had a great time. Serving staff is friendly and attentive, food selection is nice, food was well prepared and presented.We will be back!Food: 5/5

K Gill

Something has changed at this restaurant within the past few months. We used to come here often and would travel to enjoy the food. For my birthday, we had a reserved dinner reservation and it was absolutely awful. Upon walking in, they immediately informed us that the coolers had went out and they were in the middle of getting everything moved over to the new cooler. They warned us that it may be a long wait because it had been a chaotic day, due to that issue. I/we gave grace regarding the situation, but once served, we were given raw chicken (blackened chicken breast). I was so disgusted and couldn’t believe that happened. I had to send the food back and order something else due to the raw meat being served. I was worried that my husband and I would be sick because we both had taken one bite of it. The chicken was obviously raw. The food and the service provided really put a damper on the birthday dinner. People had traveled in our small group of about 7 people and everyone left disappointed. Very recently, we came back to enjoy dinner here and again, nothing tasted the same as it had in the years past. The food was mediocre at best (and mediocre is a stretch). The bread pudding was awful (which shocked us all because we have always loved it) and even the drinks were horribly different. I’m not understanding what happened. Everything was evidently different. If you visit as establishment often, this is not hard to point out. Perhaps they have new staff/chefs, but it is truly not the same and that’s breaks my heart. There’s not very many places to go to here in this area that provides the food and service that this location once did. Now we are on a quest to find someplace else.

Richard Dietzen

Always a good experience in the cozy downstairs bar. Menu and dishes are not only ambitious, but well executed. Good service, custom cocktails, Arkansas beers on tap, and artistic decor. This has started and stayed great for ten years with Emily Jordan owner and Tyler Hensley, current chef for several years.

Kanut Khosla

Where would a shipping store owner eat while in Camden, Arkansas? The Postmasters Grill of course. The restaurant is located in a very old postal building and is decorated with antique postal furniture. Pretty cool but how was the food? Their version of French onion soup was very enjoyable and my steak was cooked perfectly. The cut of meat was excellent....nothing left on my plate. The staffing was short but they ran around like crazy and still managed to provide more than adequate service. Next time I am in Camden, I am trying the big filet.

Brandon Deever

Was hungry for a burger and the menu looked good so I gave them a try. The building is cool looking and the feel inside was nice. Came early and it wasn’t busy. Service was good and they were nice. The burger was well cooked and good quality meat. Ordered a side salad with it and they were nice to substitute it. The fried pickle was ok, a little crunchier than I like.Had some sea salted caramel ice cream for dessert and it was excellent. Overall a great deal for what I got. Thanks.

Greg P.

S*** hole! Went because it had good reviews, this is not one of them! Probably the owner and his/her family doing the reviews.

Tiffany C

I felt that I needed to update since my previous review couple of years back! Postmasters is our local go to place to impress out of town guests! It is just a cool place to go! You cannot go wrong with appetizers of duck tenders or the risotto balls! They are fabulous! Our favorite drinks are the shandy (husbands- with bourbon) and mine is called something lemonade ( just can’t recall! But it’s great) I usually do The French Dip sandwich or the PMG chicken sandwich. Sooo scrumptious!! You’ll love the atmosphere and food and service! The owner Emily will definitely pop by if she is there. Servers are all just awesome! You think a small town like Camden couldn’t have anything with such excellent cuisine… but we do!!

Lori Duncan

Ribeye was cold and not cooked as ordered; ceasar salad warm and wilted lettuce; artichoke dip cold/greasy and forgot the pita chips. Hopefully the slice of cheesecake is worth the $107.00 order. Zero stars. I called to tell Manager but instead I heard excuses. Good job Postmasters ....5 stars for bad customer service!

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