Domino's Pizza

52 S Broadview St Ste 101, Greenbrier
(501) 679-3988

Recent Reviews

John Leland

Will go

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Bobby Pearl

Everyone is friendly and greets u when u walk in the

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Pepperoni Pizza, Lava Cake

Brayden A

Sitting in the Drive Thru for 20 minutes. And still not one person has came to talk to

Service: 1

Kirby Bell

Here we go. To the point.Good: Food is good. Order is correct. Place appears clean. THE wait is reasonable and mostly quick. Everything you'd expect from a nice Domino's.Bad: They consistently forget the details ... CONSISTENTLY! Every single time I order bone-in wings, I specify "well done." And it has happened only once. If you haven't had your bone-in wings made well done, you should, because they taste so much better. Also, I don't eat blue cheese or ranch with my wings. I like to get marinara sauce. And without fail, I have to swap out the blue cheese with the marinara. And lastly, which may be a little iffy with my complaint, I believe they put way too much butter/oil on the breadstick twist. Therefore, I ask that they put it on the side or use way less than they typically would use. And it seems, to me, that they dump their normal amount on regardless.So yeah, that's the reason for not receiving all 5 stars.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 4

Service: 3

Recommended dishes: Chicken Wings

Barbara Mcmackin

The pizza was flatVery dry and hard and the edges were burned had very little topping even for a two topping pizza .greasy and just plain bad I will never spend 40 dollars there again.... disgusting ? I would not advise going there js

Ashton Raybould

I had received the wrong pizza. When I had called they were polite and went above and beyond to fix the problem. Very happy with the service.

Tracy Myers

Love the prices and the pizza ,,,,I love wings and y'all's habanero mango,,,but lord!!! Please cook them more,,,there always raw and pizza huts are so much better but I want your wings,,, PLEASE COOK YOUR WINGS ALOT LONGER THANK

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 3

EasyMoneyMase YT

Great food! Customer service is bland but that's kind of the expectation at every non sit down restaurant.

Dale Hargett

Great food an quick on getting it ready

Brooks Gann

This location is by far the best Domino's we have ordered from. We had only one minor issue with our order in the middle of rush hour and Eric went over and beyond to fix it for our family!

Taylor White

Every time I come to town to visit family and order from this location, the order is always PERFECT; the food is always fresh and never overcooked, and the staff is always so friendly!


Dominoes wings are baked. Pizza hut wings are way better as they are fried like real wing shops. No surprise that Pizza hut is ranked first among all pizza places thanks to their massive investment in deep fryers a decade ago. Dominoes fail bad in the wing department.

Danielle Brodsky

I love this dominos! The pizza is always fresh and HOT! They have amazing delivery drivers as well.

J Shlds

Food was great, prices were reasonable, staff was friendly, the store was very clean and my order was correct!

Tim O.

so tonight I ordered a medium pan pizza from Domino's. Ham, black, olives, onions, green peppers. The pizza was cooked to perfection. And the taste was pretty good. And the service was fast and the delivery driver was magnificent. but here's where it takes a turn. The pizza was cut into eight slices as usual with each slice having ONE sliver of ham and two of the slices actually having two. about half of the slices, had one small piece of green pepper and the other half actually had two. similar with the onions. There were, however plenty of black olives. So overall everything was good except they are getting so skimpy on the toppings. If this happens again, I will be done with them. why make a great product and give a great service, but then be so skimpy with toppings? I know prices are up, but this was pretty extreme.

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