Cache Restaurant

425 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock
(501) 850-0265

Recent Reviews

Joshua C.

Had dinner with my wife, food a d service was excellent despite the restaurant having a large group upstairs. Highly recommend for a great date night!

Graham Reilly

Dank looking menu on paper. Optics of the lamb chop had us sold. Warning: ask for medium if you like it well done. Lamb was cooked brown on the inside and I accomplished my move goal trying to cut the meat. We let the hostess know as she checked on us (waitress never did) and there was no interaction with staff on the issue. Secondary dishes slapped; smoked pork belly was flames, brussel sprouts and pancetta were dank, and the three cheese mac was hitting. Overall decent experience, wouldn’t be our first choice in town

David Brooks

Awesome experience. Superb wait staff. Gerald was grand and very professional.

Sarah M.

Our server Kenneth (I think that was his name) was awesome!! Food was delicious and the restaurant was very clean and beautiful.

James Grady

I had blackened salmon and Oh my God! It was perfectly cooked! It came with grilled asparagus and a rice mixture, and a buttery sauce on the side so you could use as little or as much as you wanted. The asparagus was perfect! And I don't even like asparagus! Then I had chocolate cake with ice cream. That cake was so moist and delicious! The waiter was right on point too!

Jeff Woford

Wow !!! Had never had the chance to eat here, always decided on somewhere else first. Glad I was able to finally make it work. Service is awesome, and the grilled salmon and asparagus were absolutely delectable. I'll be returning soon.

Sean Dunn

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the second floor private covered patio. Food was delicious.

Treat Gilbert

This was our first trip to Cache but it won't be the last! The ambiance is perfect and the wait staff is exceptional. The food was spot-on. Fresh, tasty and pleasing to both eye and palate. Well worth the price, which is higher than most Little Rock restaurants.

Larayna Gilmor

Great location. The French 75 is lovely!!! The Valentine’s brunch did chicken and waffles the RIGHT way!!!!!!!!!! They gave 1/2 the bird, not just chicken strips on a waffle!!!!

Callie S.

We love Cache'-- I had their meatloaf, broccoli and mash potatoes with gravy for lunch. Their meatloaf is some of the best meatloaf I've ever had! It was so good it prompted me to write this review.

We've also been at night before, and it is such a great atmosphere. Their upstairs bar + balcony area is a great place to go out downtown with friends. Full bar & great food! Highly recommend!

Brittany Garrett

Great place! They have complimentary valet. Great service from the start! The drinks and food was delicious! We had the pork belly for an appetizer. Then pork chop and salmon for dinner.

Даниил Макаров

Great place to get back into dining out. Wonderful food as always. Service is excellent as always. All sanitation expertly executed. And did I say the food was superb? Come here and have that dinner you’ve been missing and help get the ball rolling to recovery. I highly recommended this place.

Andrea Spillers

Extremely prompt service! Great atmosphere! The staff works efficiently while remembering to be friendly and hospitable.

Todd W.

We shared the Parmesan fries with truffle aioli and the smoked pork belly over Gouda grits. Both were amazing. We sat at the food bar where you could see into the kitchen. A great experience.

Nick S.

Repeatedly disappointed. I have been here four or five times - there used to be a decent Brunch which I enjoyed. I've returned a few times for dinner. Most recently, since the easing of COVID restrictions and the city allowing indoor dining. I just feel let down. I mean I understand the last couple of months sucked, but that shouldn't be the reason for mediocre food. Admittedly, I go to restaurants partly for the social aspect, and in Little Rock, where folks are ridiculously friendly and gracious - this particular dining experience was woefully out of place and did not belong in the same conversation or experiences of other DTLR excursions. To be fair, my server, was fine. She was courteous, professional, polite - not necessarily *warm, but efficient. It was service by the numbers: She checked-in on us regularly and made sure our cocktails were pleasing. She did not, however, ask about the *food nor did she seem interested in *engaging in polite banter with our table. In retrospect, I'm thinking she inherently knew it wasn't necessarily *great food, but thought it would be "good enough" to get by - and by hanging around and chatting too long - dinner's disappointment may be revealed. This may have been the smarter strategy because that was the best thing about the entire outing. Food arrived quickly. Food arrived hot. That, is the best thing I have to say about each of the dishes that hit our table.
I have been a server in my much younger years. I don't think a server should have to bear the weight of what comes out of the kitchen - so I politely let her know I did not enjoy the calamari. I did not express my disappointment - because I never want to be directly responsible for throwing off someone's night - and COVID has already slowed the flow of business. We all need a break. But, I also need Cache to do better, much better.

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