EJ's Eats and Drinks

523 Center St, Little Rock
(501) 666-3700

Recent Reviews

Chelsea Williams

Great & fast service. Nice comfortable atmosphere

Phyllis Murdock

service was great. great food

Emmy Conner

I typically don't leave negative reviews. I am giving this place 3 stars because the food was excellent. Unfortunately, we had the worst service I have ever encountered. I worked in the service industry as a waitress for 10 years and I cannot fathom ever speaking to a table the way we were spoken to. It was only one waitress in particular on Saturday afternoon. Multiple tables were asking the waitress to please be more respectful. It became laughable among all the tables when she would stomp off after saying something insanely rude and uncalled for. I am all for people having rough days but this was way beyond that and I'll walk right out the door if I see her working again.

Katherine Denise

Five Stars. Great food and great service! One of the best brunch spots in Little Rock!

Johnny Moten

A little confusion about being seated (signed the wait list but they didn't look at it before trying to seat another group that came after us), but the service was pretty good and the food was really good. Chicken and waffles was good and the chicken biscuits was full of interesting flavors. Biscuits felt and tasted home-made and the jam was a nice, sweet addition. Chicken could've used a tad more salt to balance out the sweetness, but overall, very flavorful and filling.

Josh V.

This restaurant's getting two stars because it really seemed like the people working there were working hard. They were not working hard for my money but they seem to be scrambling around in such a way that I feel like they were working. Me and my best friend were brunching. If orange juice with ice is your aesthetic, this is the place for you. I ordered a Coke and the water. I'm not sure if I ever got the water, but the Coke I got was delicious and then when they asked me if I'd like a refill I said yes. I don't usually get refills of Coke, and I guess I'm not going to get one there because they literally ran out of Coke. I'm not going to go on about how the food was so terrible that I couldn't even take more than three bites, but the diarrhea was amazing. I don't know who taught these folks about service but it seems like Trump University isn't teaching their people well. Just kidding, the second star is because they have a bunch of liberal propaganda on the walls. I'm a Libtard so I'm super into it. Little rock doesn't have a reputation for good food in this place is certainly not helping.

Jed Abell

Everything is consistently really good. With COVID we work from home, but came into the office last week and we were ok looking forward to it just because we had an excuse to come here for lunch.Chicken tenders tossed in the fire sauce are the only chicken tenders I ever actually crave.

Louise H

Fine location for quality American food. Food with real quality ingredients. I'll return with my relatives. I see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Cristi Yeaton

Excellent burgers! Make sure to add mushrooms to the pimento cheese burger, totally hit the spot. Reasonable prices too. Server could have been more personable though.

Luz Eneida Torres

The food was very tasty. The portions are generous and reasonable priced. I had the biscuits and gravy and even though the biscuits weren't as fluffy as I like and the gravy needed a little salt I enjoyed it.

Melvin D.

I placed an online order and was told it’d be ready at a certain time, when I walked in 5 mins after that time, the order still wasn’t ready.

Hyrum Weight

We had a great stop here with a large party. The service was good and fast.


awesome open minded staff and environment!! I was worried it would be like what I heard about in the south but after leaving the airport my old army buddies and I had great time here

Hyrum Weight

Great stop at EJ’s, home of the Mother Clucker (tasty). The staff was great for our large group.

Debbie Harrison

Awesome place! Reasonable prices! Bartender was awesome ? Even brought a special surprise at the end 33 reunion it was very nice an thoughtful ?

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