Jays's Pizza

400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock
(501) 374-5297

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Noah Hill

After walking the Little Rock AR this was a great stop for dinner. We ordered a Caesar salad and pepperoni pizza. The pizza was so good with its huge sllices of pepperoni weaved between the melted mozzarella, and a crust which had a surprising soft center within a crunchy "shell". I love pizza as you may gather, and this was not disappointing in the least. The site was perfect as well. Located directly across from the little Rock we could view it as we ate and as we left the building not only were my daughter and I complimented by the manager but he helped to take a picture of us together in front of the Hollywood sign. Now how's that for service?

Dallas Wright

Great food, and great people!

too toes

My favorite pizza in the US... I'd make trips for this pizza.

Michael VJ

The woman behind the counter was handling fruit, saw me, put her hands under the faucet for maybe 2-3 seconds and wiped dry. Not proper hand washing after touching my pizza. $3.75 for a slice that I threw away was not worth it....

Darius Banks

The food is good but the service is terrible! They are not sanitary. The workers feel that it is okay to touch food with bare hands and to top everything off they’re rude. I wouldn’t waste my time because the food is too high priced. I paid $8 for a two strip dinner.


The pizza tasted great but the hygiene, they touch everything without washing their hands with no gloves. She even touched my pizza with her hand to put it on my plate after handling everyone’s money! There was other small things that weren’t good but this is the only one worth noting.


Didn't really enjoy the pizza. I have had better pizza before. Also, it's very expensive and the wait was for over 30 minutes. People who ordered after me got their pizza before me.

Bywater Gal

I came during lunch on a school trip and regreted it. I had to wait 40-50 minutes for some chicken tenders and fries without anywhere to sit, and when I got them the chicken tenders tasted more like fried catfish than anything else. I’d gotten pizza there before, and it was also sub-par.

Drew P.

We stopped in to grab a slice of pizzas before checking out the 42nd President Bill Clinton's library. It was conventional located on Clinton Blvd. The staff was friendly and helpful. But the pizzas was kind of salty. The wings were pretty good and seasoned very well. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't return to this place or recommend this to anyone.

Raymond Williams

Pizza set off an olfactory memory of some Little Rock Pizza joint I can't put my finger on, but I will be back. I was starving and ran through. Next time a whole pie and sit down.

AmStar S.

So it IS a Saturday at lunch, but the big sign says "Fast Slices" 11-2. So far I have waited 38 minutes for 2 slices. They have absolutely 0 slices ready. Guy said they make them after you order. They are pretty much just stocking items and making nothing. Very disappointed. Complete cluster. UPDATE: 48 minutes start to finish for 2 simple slices. NOPE!!!

Brett Warbrick

They say that there is no such thing as a bad Pizza but Jays's achieved it today. I am assuming from the reviews this is an uncommon occurance but this is an honest review of our experience today.

Ashleigh Johnson

The pizza itself is not terrible, but the service is. Their teenage workers could care less about what they're doing and are clearly not well trained. Waiting twenty minutes for your food at a "fast" place inside a food court is ridiculous. There are far too many other options inside to waste your time and money at Jay's.


Had a real late lunch after a long day driving & sight seeing ! Found Jay's in the River Market Pavilion , and after a language mix up (my accent) ended up with an extra slice on the House ! Just what the stomach needed !! Really fresh, made in front of you & tasty to boot !! A good find in Little Rock !


Im not sure if it was 'Jay' serving us today, but the man behind the counter was exceptional in his customer treatment. The pizza was Very Good - thin crust, but not 'crispy' - didnt crack and flake which I cant stand! Red sauce every good as well. Two slices and a drink for $9.90 - a tad expensive but service was fast and my son enjoyed it. Would come back!

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