Ohia Poke

220 W 6th St, Little Rock
(501) 502-6330

Recent Reviews

Samantha Brown

Poke is delicious and the small is a perfect portion for me when I worked downtown I'd get lunch here like twice a week

Matt Burks

It used to be better food but it still isn't bad. I eat their occasionally


yummy Poke, friendly service, inexpensive.

Susanne E.

What a hidden gem. We needed a quick, healthy lunch before heading to the airport and this really hit the spot. One guy was working the whole shop, and his service was great. All four of us enjoyed our bowl. I will say, I'm a sucker for toppings and condiments and there was no shortage!

Tim Vent

Awesome food and awesome service.

naomi Frank

They have freshest ingredients! I'll keep this place in business.

Jessi Hawkins

The best poke I ever had! So fresh!

Christy Moore

Prettiest and delious poke bowl. Super inexpensive.

Audrey F.

I used to really like this place, but it's been going down hill. Last night did it for me when I went in around 7pm there were only three proteins out & one of the shrimp had a DEAD FLY ON IT. She blames all of this on the shift before that didn't stock her up, but did she not see the fly the entire time she was there? I normally get the crab (which they were out) and I asked if the girl could get some more and she brought out a white container of crab that seemed (later tasted) nearly frozen. I had asked for some shrimp too thinking she would ignore the one with the dead fly on it and instead she knocked the fly off the shrimp with the scoop and so I told her I didn't want the shrimp and would do all crab instead which was the wrong choice cause all my stuff was soggy later, but I had no other options. She also didn't change the scoop she used to knock the dead fly off!!! Totally was not worth the $15 I paid for a large bowl. Go somewhere else if you need your poke fix cause I give up on them after this.

Jonathan Hersey

Outstanding Gem in Little Rock's downtown. The food was fantastic, fresh, delicious! I wish I lived closer so that I could come more often

Bonita Fordham

Really disappointed. It used to be good. Fish was not fresh, smelled terrible and rotten at warmer than room temperature. Many ingredients unavailable. Flies everywhere and apathetic employee could not answer my questions. Threw it away after leaving and went to the other poke place. Sad this place went downhill, not going back.

Jackie Scott

I love coming here for lunch! I work at a middle school near by and it's so convenient if I don't have my lunch with me. My coworkers like coming with me as well. We love that it is healthy. The staff is friendly and wonderful. It's healthy, quick, and so easy to not have the same lunch twice! Keep up the great work!

Rob Nelsen

Service was great...food was meh. Then we saw them carrying in frozen items out of the back of a car trunk. Not from a cooler, not packed with ice. Sorry, I won't be back.

Gus Fowler

Used to be really good, may have just been there at a bad time, however, I could smell the tuna going bad and the guy working the counter couldn't have cared less about his customer service or that he had just had several customers walk out on him. Will not be back.

Jackie Scott

Love getting lunch here! It's easy, healthy, and the staff is great!

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