The Rail Yard LR

1212 E 6th St Suite 1, Little Rock
(501) 372-9273

Recent Reviews

Ricardo J.

We came here for a work lunch based on the recommendation of another colleague. We had the pleasure of meeting Paxton, the pit master. That kid is super proud of his products, especially the brisket. He also informed us before the meal that the kitchen is leased and run by a separate company than the guys doing the meat belong to. Something like that. After meeting him we decided that the kitchen wasn't doing his product justice. I ordered the trio platter with brisket, ribs, and sausage along with sides of greens and coleslaw. My plate came out with pulled pork in place of the ribs, and the same thing happened to one of my friends. I took what I got though, because our waitress may have been a little hard of hearing. She had also brought out a wrong drink order earlier. So the meat - damn tasty. I could see why Paxton was proud of that brisket. But going back to what I said earlier about the kitchen - they didn't do a good job of keeping the meat warm. All the meat was barely lukewarm when it came out - the pulled pork was cold and dry. So between the smoker - which is in a separate building - and the kitchen - the temperature was lost. The sides - my coleslaw was dry and lacking in flavor. The greens, though - tangy and vinegary and full of flavors. Delicious. I went back to Paxton after the meal to give him my feedback and he seemed grateful. On the flavor of the food, the decor, and the BBQ staff - great. But on the kitchen and service - not so great. I really want to give this place four stars but when all five of my group was in agreement about what the food was lacking - I gotta go with three. Best of luck, though, to the new business and the owners.

Derek M

Great place to have a drink with friends or a bite to eat. The outdoor seating is superb, especially during the cool fall evenings with their outdoor heaters and firepits!

Angela C.

Great fun family environment. Lots of space outside supporting a community feel. Games to play, live music to enjoy, TVs for watching sports, etc. Food trucks are invited as well. Not only is the environment outstanding, the food is even better. Highly recommend for all age groups!

Mark R.

Great food! Great atmosphere. A fun place to enjoy some good barbecue or whatever food truck may be in the yard. Often has some good live music as well. Friendly staff.

Shirley Myles

Experience wonderful outdoors fun, food, games, and several live bands. My family absolutely enjoyed ourselves.

Shandelle B.

Fun bbq joint with a full bar and lots of outdoor seating. This is a really fun place to watch a game, hang out with friends, or most importantly, eat delicious barbecue. Our servers were nice and we had no trouble getting a table for six. I ordered the trio platter and selected brisket, pulled pork, and chicken. The brisket was the best I've had outside of Texas! So delicious and moist! The pulled pork was fairly average. The chicken was a huge portion and the seasoning on it was mostly sweet with a little kick. The coleslaw tasted fresh and was well dressed and seasoned. Having a full bar was an added bonus! I'm knocking a star because the bathrooms were really really gross. Keep the bathrooms cleaner and this place would have that 5 star shine.

Megan L.

Great service, yummy food, and I love the atmosphere. Definitely a place to check out.

Arlene G.

Absolutely one of my favorite places in Little Rock. The wings are the very best BBQ smoked wings you will ever eat. Count Porkula is amazing. Try the dill pickle pasta salad & the greens. Great selection of beers & a full bar. Outdoor space is fun & dog friendly. Please try this place!!


We've only been once so far and my impression was that they pay a little more attention to the bar than the food - not a bad thing - just not what we expected until we entered. They make a great pulled pork and a solid (if a little fatty) brisket. The stovetop beans are great, the other sides were so-so at best. We might go again, but we'll try other places first.

Steven Walker

It wasn't bad at all. The table was pretty cool, beer caps. It's small so seating area is a little jammed but still enough.

coconutladenswallow .

We've only been once so far and my impression was that they pay a little more attention to the bar than the food - not a bad thing - just not what we expected until we entered. They make a great pulled pork and a solid (if a little fatty) brisket. The stovetop beans are great, the other sides were so-so at best. We might go again, but we'll try other places first.

Paul Wilson

Excellent environment to eat BBQ with some serious food to back it up! My only problem was with the brisket plate I ordered. I asked for moist brisket, meaning little on the fatty side. When it arrived the brisket was not cut correctly against the grain. That can absolutely ruin the eating experience for brisket. Since the brisket smoked well and had excellent flavor it didn't bother me as much. For other customers who are not as forgiving as myself, please learn to cut beef correct.

Frank M.

I've had BBQ all over the US and all over the world. This is some of the best I've every head. Fall off the bone tender and face melting flavor in a modern setting! Nice job guys, truly amazing!

Lupe C.

Was craving barbecue and was recommended this place and i can say it did not disappoint. I walk in, super friendly waiting stuff and laid back atmosphere. I sat at the bar and glanced over the menu and was intrigued by the bull(brisket) and boar(pulled pork) sandwich which was delicious. Packed with meat and a nice bbq sauce with just the right amount of kick. I will be returning for a repeat visit and would encourage others to give them a try.

Trey Willis

Our server was prompt and friendly, bit of a hidden gem with a huge outdoor seating area.

Shaneka Smith

This is a very unique place. Good food. Great people. Great service.

Stewart McEntyre

Great place with great BBQ in the revitalized LR East Village. Another BBQ option (except closer to work ð?? for lunch during the week). Staff is quick and nice. I would highly recommend the Cuban sandwich (Wed. special) or the Bull & Boar anytime!

Kathleen Ashe

I wish there was a no star rating . The place was real cute and had a great â??hangoutâ? atmosphere but we never saw our waitress... as a former waitress all i can say is the waiting staff was pretty horrible. Our waitress literally told us for 20 mins that she was coming to get our order yet she waited on other tables and then once we got our food we never saw her. We finally went inside to pay and the other waitress couldnâ??t even find her. They have no system showing if you paid or not. I swear if we weren't honest people we could have easily dined and dash. Again, cute place, love the concept, but waiting staff needs huge improvement. I also didn't like the fact that since their WiFi was down they couldnâ??t take card payments. They had us write down our card info.....since they have already lost my trust i didnâ??t feel comfortable doing that! Thought that was pretty unprofessional too.

Adrian S.

If you are in the mood for a delicious bloody mary meal, The Rail Yard is your spot! I stopped in and immediately experienced the hospitality. Once I had my Bloody I was in Heaven. If you also want good food I recommend the wings (Buffalo). Overall really pleased at what this establishment had to offer.

Nick F.

Awesome environment! BBQ is pretty good and decent beer selection. They have local food trucks and a large outdoor area with yard games to hangout at.

Margaret H.

A friend recommended this restaurant. I went at lunchtime and sat outside. I had a lovely visit with a friend and an hour later our food came out. I ended up having to take it back to my office to eat. They kept apologizing for the wait but the kitchen had been "slammed". I could have believed them if I hadn't walked through the restaurant to leave and a lot of my co-workers who arrived later than us were already eating. The food was good but the experience was not.

Thomas K.

I have yet to meat(pun intended) a price of meat there that I didn't like. The flavors of everything are so good you just want to keep eating even when you are stuffed. And the service is top notch even when it's a busy Saturday night and the have a party of 100 to deal with they still made my two person party feel welcome and special.

Victoria S.

Great atmosphere and friendly service. A little salty but still great food! Had the Almost Famous nachos and the mix of slaw, brisket, and jalapeños was great. Boyfriend had the Bull & Boar and he loved it.

oleg karaduta

Nice place to have a fast sip o' beer. Non obvious parking though. Strange way of running the credit card without a signing the final check. Check your credit card afterwards for auto 20% gratitude. Or more. You'll never know. Otherwise pretty cosy, especially outside (if it's not too hot/humid). Huge TV's inside streaming soccer games on regular basis is a huge plus.

Brenda Shepherd

Great place to go hear live music. Nice big outdoor seating area and good trucks for your eating pleasure.

Shannon Deckard

What's not to Love!!! Excellent BBQ indoor/outdoor seating, games,Craft beers, food trucks rotate in and out Fun environment young and old

Melissa Johnson

I really, really love this place but absolutely do not understand why it closes at 10 pm on weekend. If not for that it would get 5 stars.

Jan Crowe

Best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had (I am from TX) plus smoked beans had just enough kick to them and slaw was good. Real busy but waitress kept our drinks filled plus constantly telling us when to expect our meal. Large portions and friendly atmosphere.

Sean Dailey

Great atmosphere. Awesome patio. Food trucks plus house food gives you plenty of options.

Ron P.

Nice place. Kitchen closes at 8:00 which wasn't posted and several others came in after also. Food looked excellent but was dry and over peppered. Bbq sauce and beans were over peppered. Maybe a drug screening policy needs to be in enforced also.

Elizabeth R.

Finally made it here - rumors are true, the barbecue is excellent, great service, good beer selection. We had brisket and pulled pork - both really good. Sides were solid - slaw, potato salad, etc. We will be back!

Melody M.

Ok place to meet people if you drink water! $7 for a can of angry orchard! Even worse on the drink menu was rail mule for $8 so got2?, one for my son and I , $21.98. I asked how $16 became &21.98, was told the extra was liquor tax!!! WTF . Almost $6 liquor tax, the waitress said , almost proudly, we have the highest liquor tax around! Sorry won't be back unless I'm drinking water!!

Patrick S.

Stumbled across the Rail Yard and love the atmosphere. It's definitely the new hot spot in a growing area. The BBQ is great and the prices are all fair. I love the outside hang out area and can't wait to come check out live music one day!

Mike J.

If you haven't been here yet you are missing out! This is easily the best new bar in the central Arkansas area. They always have Count Porkula BBQ but they also bring in other food trucks in there outside area, which is DOG FRIENDLY!! They do live music and even trivia on Wednesdays. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who just want to get out eat good food and unwind with friends and family. Ill be back soon!

Rob S.

Very cool place. Indoor seating and outdoor activities. Connected to Count Porkula so always BBQ available and there are also rotating food trucks.

Brianna W.

Absolutely amazing new spot in LR! Big open outdoor area, nice intimate seating inside. And the BBQ is out of this world! The rib was fall of the bone tender and the smoked wings are so flavorful! Try them Naked and order sauce on the side the BBQ sauce put on the tables is also a must try. Friendly and efficient staff, GM checked on our table twice. My new favorite spot.


This is some seriously good BBQ. I got the brisket sandwich and it was absolutely delicious! Staff was super nice and professional. Service was fast and everything was correct as ordered. Restaurant was clean and nice looking. They have a wonderful outdoor seating area too. If you like BBQ (or want to) I highly recommend coming here.

Judi M.

Omg! If the decor & ambiance doesn't make you want to come back... the food definitely will! This place is a must!

Jason B.

This is the best place to go and hang out to have a drink in Little Rock. Atmosphere is great and the BBQ is even better. Far and away the Best BBQ in town!! Highly recommend and I will definitely be back!! Weekly!!

Little R.

This place is awesome. Can't find a better more relaxed place to enjoy the day. Food from Count Porkula is amazing. This is a must try if you are in Arkansas.