Con Quesos | Downtown Springdale

101 W Johnson Ave # D, Springdale
(479) 334-5241

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Erik Frey

The flow of the restaurant is a little odd, but the food and service was amazing.We had Condesa tacos (Ribeye steak) and the Tailgate Quesadilla (Brisket) and both were amazing. We tried the Four seasons queso sampler. I liked the Seoul Food dip was the best.

Noah Sutton

Food is amazing! Sad to see the Fayetteville location close…We have driven to the Springdale location twice this month and food is great. Each time they have been so busy with only two workers… that’s my only complaint. Hire some more employees!!! This food is great but they need more employees for the demand of food. I will continue to come here even if I have to wait because the food is so good. But it would improve the experience if they were properly staffed.


I was there along with a couple of other friends and it was busy! Quinn, the manager was dealing with the front by himself. His customer service was EXCELLENT!! He had a smile the entire time serving everyone! The whole experience was great! Well worth trying out!Food: 5/5

Haley Clayborne

The tacos, elote cup, trio dip, and quesadiila were all very good! Rice and beans left more to be desired. We ordered the margarita flight and it was beautiful. The Habanero Margarita and Honey Citrus Margarita were amazing!Food: 4/5

Julianne Thompson

My family has been coming to eat at Con Quesos since they opened the Downtown Springdale location. We have always had a good experience with the staff and the food. There was even a time that we were coming in so frequently that a particular staff member would remember that our son cannot have dairy and would make sure that his tacos were served without cheese. We went back again today for the first time this year and two things had changed, one for the better and one for the worse. We found out after ordering our usual orders that the Two Taco Combo now comes with street corn instead of queso, and unfortunately didn't know this until we received our food. When I asked I was told we could have upgraded to queso for an extra dollar, but we did not have the time or desire to get back in the long lunch rush line to swap this out and pay the extra $$. I would have preferred the price of the combo had just been increased by a dollar and left with the same queso instead of the street corn that was not that appetizing. (The price already increased by .50 with the change to street corn). It seems others felt the same about the flavor at least because when we were leaving and bussing our table we noticed the other dishes in the dish return had several full street corn containers as well. I did not look at the menu at the restaurant because we always order the same things, but online the menu does state that the combo comes with queso so this adds to my frustration, to say the least. I do want to leave this on a good note though, so I will say that we were pleased to find that the restaurant now has a vegan cheese option! This is something we don't find very often when dining out in Northwest Arkansas. We are still planning to come back again, but maybe we'll peruse the menu a little longer and find a different new favorite unless the queso comes back.

Morgan Keeling

Whoever came up with this menu must have played ingredient roulette to decide what goes together. That’s the only explanation. I wish they would put a real taqueria in this prime downtown space. These tacos are lifeless whitewashed ingredients on a taco shell. What even is this queso?? I’ve tried it a few times and will not be burned again by $10 watered down cheese sauce, bad flavor combos, and their high prices. Gonna stick with my Guanajuato or Cuñado tacos and you should too.

Taylor L.

Employee did not greet us at all, we stood there for a few minutes before I just went ahead and told her my order. She didn't even check our ids for drinks and I barely look 21. Not to mention she was wearing literal pajama pants and looked a mess. Yikes.

Captain A.

Went here to check out their food. Liked it so much we asked them to cater our daughter's wedding. It was fantastic! They did a nacho bar for our cocktail time. It was amazing! Quesos were delicious. Fresh guacamole and wonderful salsa added to how great it was. They then did our taco dinner. The meat was so good!! Elote street corn and the chorizo meatballs were loved by everyone. Everything was great!!! Servers were so nice and helpful! If you have an event that needs to be catered, you need to have them do it!!!

Matthew P.

Food is usually pretty good dining in, but ordered to go and was given some pretty iffy results. Ordered the Cozumel dip, not sure what I got honestly, doesn't taste like queso and I'm not sure what it is... also some random corn in my condesa taco but overall tasty, lots of beans in the los Cabo's taco as well.

Kyle Dupont

Very friendly service! Kinda got stuck in the weird hanging benches. Food was good! I had one taco where the rice was a little crunchy from being reheated but the flavor overall was amazing!

Alexej V.

GREAT food, GREAT people, GREAT surroundings. What a GREAT place! p.s im definitely bringing my grandkids here!!!

Kae Wissler

Great turn around point while biking the Razorback Greenway . Amazing white cheese dip and homemade chips! Frozen drinks were perfect for cooling off in this summer heat! Highly recommend!

Mya Malone

I never had tacos ? with so much flavor! It's x10 better worth the money and food you get vs chipotle.

Savannah H.

This place is great overall for the experience and atmosphere. The tacos and cheese dip are so good and are what keep me coming back. My favorite taco is the Frisco, which is a vegetarian taco but is SO good even meat eaters will love it. Los Cabos and Game Day tacos are also noteworthy. If you're getting a queso, skip the white queso and get the Cozumel instead. Thank me later. Only gets 4 stars because the rice (very dry) and beans (not flavorful) don't match the greatness level of the tacos and cheese dip. The margarita pitchers are to get you drunk and drunk only !!!!! Sure the flavor is fine but know that they are made strong. The margs know their purpose and dammit they serve it!!

Cortnie Coolcat

It pains me to give such a low rating but it's unfortunately well deserved. We walked in at 11am on a Sunday. I was surprised there were no other customers but we continued in. We walked past a person SLEEPING ON A BENCH OF CHAIRS in the restaurant. We went to the counter and the person jumped up and went to the register. Okaaaayyyyyy, the sleeping person was the employee!! No thanks, we saw Fayetteville location go to pot and this one is headed in same direction already.

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