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Noah Wesley

Always a wait, somehow always manages to mess up the food. I've never gotten a mccafe item that tasted right. I've waited more than 30 minutes here before would definitely recommend driving 5 more minutes to the next one!Food: 1/5

Aubryanna Lenn

Highly do NOT recommend. First time I’ve ever made a review on a place. Rude employees, got the wrong sandwich, iced coffee tasted old and just gross, unlike any coffee I’ve had from McDonald’s, took awhile to get my order. I’ve whitenesses managers treating their employees very rudely in front of customers. This has all happened on multiple occasions.

Melanie Russell

Came in at 8:40pm. Only patrons in store. Numerous teens behind the scenes screwing around mock shooting at each other and throwing balled up wrappers at each other. One worker came out from behind counter to get get a beverage cussing up a storm. When she turned around and saw us she giggled and ran back behind counter. While waiting over 10min for our food we observed 2 drive thru orders come in with their orders wrong. Lest I remind you, they weren't busy at all. They prepped our order on trays and proceeded to let it sit behind counter before something was said to them. "I'd like my meal while it's hot." Tasted the fries they were cold and old. Blue haired girl didn't like that. Fries were made fresh and delivered to table 5 mins later. Very poorly ran location. They need an adult on staff to keep the foolishness under control and the quality where it should be.

Shontell Stapleon

My granddaughter refuses to eat regular food. She has been Uber picky since birth. She refused baby food. But go past a McDonald's and she is screaming for fries and frozen Dr Pepper. So everytime we visit this McDonald's the workers are very understanding and make going a pleasant time.Food: 4/5

Dale Epperson

Long time since going in to any fast food. At register, menu too small to read. Went to kiosk. Easy, but rather see whole menu on one screen to start. Delivery was a bit slow. Had to ask for salt, pepper, and ketchup. Coffee delicious. Chicken biscuit acceptable, but needed a sauce of some sort. Biscuit was delicious but a bit dry and needed butter.

Matthew Garmoe

I'd like a mocha frape with no whip cream"HUH?"Mocha frape no whip cream."That it?"Yes.I get my drink, carmel frape with whip cream. And because it was dark out at 7 am I didn't notice it was carmel until I got to work.I asked for no whip cream"Uhhh...ok...pull up there"Wait about 3 minutes and I get a carmel frape with no whip cream. Y'all gotta get it together, what the hell. Also this carmel frape is disgusting I threw it away after 1 sip.

Amanda Elaine Standifer

So slow! The food that we got was hot and fresh and tasted good but it took 38 minutes to get a 20 piece nugget, Mcdouble, a McChicken and 2 drinks. They were not busy.

Jared Laughlin

A little rough on Saturday morning before football games, but not terrible. The food is fine, just takes awhile to get it.

Mariah Barton

Absolutely worst.Didn't listen at all to what I ordered or needed.No sauce no napkinsLids didn't fit the cupsAsked for sauce and napkins three happy meal boxes three kids cups I was willing to pay for the extra supplies.Only two boxes.Plain cheese burger no mine had pickles ketchup and mustard on it.Two medium French fries got two small ones.Asked for no ice in my tea.AlreXy drove through twice asking for correction.. anyone with kids or siblings know two out of three are going to argue if they don't get the same thing. I was feeding five kids with three being toddlers who fight over everything. Thank you guys for a terrible experience.

James Merrell

Food was cook to order, served in a timley manner overall experience was good. The two issues I have are the KIOSK SUCK at ever McDonald's. The other issue is this is the 3 time I've seen Roaches crawling on the table, wall,etc. In three months.

Bobby Hill

Only reason we even go here is for a happy meal. This place is a joke. They take forever just to take your order through the drive thru let alone to receive it thru the window. Pathetic incompetent staff. Avoid this place at all costs if you’re not trying to wait a year for a simple order.

Marni Meeks

Gave me meat on my burger, which IM VEGETARIAN. Also, I paid over 50 dollars just to get half of the stuff I ordered. We asked a bunch of times to get the stuff from our order, yet they still didn’t give us all of it. Not to mention they burned my fries. They were also out of ice. Not going back, disappointed, and dissatisfied.

Haward Santiago

I use to eat always here , but I’m not going to eat here anymore the drive thru don follow the order of cars in lines the take one server at time example 5 cars for one side and then they left the other side go 5 cars. Napkins looks like the charge for it and if they forgot they sauce they charge for it to .

Jaiden T.

I don't recommend this McDonald's because they don't clean their tables it took them 10 minutes after we got our food and the manager is always doing everything the workers are only talking some are working but not all of them they also didn't even clean the tables they made us to it

Chloe Smith

First of all why my sandwich bun burnt it looks lighter in the pic it smells burnt too

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