Red Dragon Buffet

2111 South Old Missouri Road l 8748, Springdale
(479) 927-3683

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Chris Long

Several areas for food empty. Steamed rice was empty. Chicken was dry. Tea tasted sour and old. The cups for sweet and sour sauce are tiny.

Tawana Bingham

Very rude staff, our waitress didn’t even introduce herself and kept rolling her eyes. We only tipped because we have a toddler that likes to make messes. Food was pretty blah. Beef and broccoli was disgusting. Not a lot of selection-the only appetizing thing I had was the fried rice and orange chicken.

Betty Coats


Margaret Murphy

We went yesterday about 430 dinner buffet started at 4,alot of the dishes were very dried out. Or empty, they each 1 drink never came back to see if anyone could use any more, the staff were all young and not real friendly not near worth what it cost,probably will not be going back.

Lisa Pistubbee

We ate at Red Dragon yesterday and it was a HORRIBLE experience!! The food was dried out-like it had been sitting out all day, the whole place could use a deep cleaning and the staff could show their customers a little more kindness, not act as if they are put out. Could not get drink refills, had to ask for salt and soy sauce. Never again will we go here. Total waste of time and money!

Roxanne Wood

The food was ok. Could have been hotter temperature wise. They had a fair selection of choices. My only complaint was I like order off menu. I got my menu and no one came back to take my order. I used my cellphone to place my order and asked for it to be delivered to my table.

Kevin Parker

Service wasn't that impressive. To me of the different foods I tried off the buffet, I found nothing I could brag about. Food did not have much flavor and seemed to be a little old.

Layla vang

Love the seafood selection but too greedy on refilling the food. Some food are super old and dry up. Is like those are from lunch that never got switch out. A lot of empty containers so it's limited food choices. Ask them for some food refilled only bring out a small amount enough to feed one person. When we ask again it's only 7:30pm they say we have to wait on food because they cleaning the kitchen. But they close at 9:30pm we waited until 8:30pm still no fresh food so we just go home.

matthew christian fournier

Absolutely horrible foul and disgusting when I brought it up to the employees an tried showing them they argued saying it was fresh. Honestly surprised a restaurant like this could survive in Fayetteville/ Springdale area. I can't believe they have more than one star it's horrible here RUN RUN RUN save your time and money

Donna Arrowood (The Stay at Home Mom)

My family was just there today and now we are all sick to our stomachs some of the food taste a little sour. And we found food in some of the areas of the restaurant.

Delonte C.

I have previously visited this restaurant. It was solid the first time. I am giving it two and half stars. When I arrived, I was seated by my server. Then I was off to see the what they had. I tried tso chicken and various of other things. I tried the ribs and they were tougher than beef jerky. I have to chew it what feel like a few minutes. I understand that it was a holiday but the server wasn't attentive after we was sitted. Note that it was only 3 tables there. She never came back to until I was almost finished. I notice that their floor is always sticky. All in, they need to improve their staff customer service, and cook some of their dishes better.

Lucy Allen

The smell hits you walking in and is just overwhelming! I don't know if it was just a bad day or what, but food all over counters around buffet and just felt very dirty in general! I chose to not eat. Sat and waited as my friend chose to go ahead. She mentioned it had seemed a bit run down than what she remembered.


This place needs an overhaul. It looked a bit grubby & the food was mediocre. There were a *few* ok items & the fruit was fresh but we won’t be back.

Zack Cotton

Good food good price buffet is a little small but worth the price

Lavelle Perkins

My husband and I just left the restaurant. He went alone a few months ago and wasn’t impressed but thought he’d try it again. So the both of us went, but will NEVER return.The food was cold, mostly bland, but tasted decent. The waitress, never asked for drink refills, barely acknowledged we were even there, only to take our plate and to bring the check.As we were leaving, she was cleaning another table, bumped my purse and didn’t say a word to me. Customer service is horrible.No hello, no thank you, come again, NOTHING!! So NO TIP!!!

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